Game Report: Bundesliga, Fixture 3, Hannover 96 vs Bayer Leverkusen 2:2

Amazing! We actually obtained a point at the end, how unfair for Hannover! We did not deserve it! 

It wasn’t a great game to watch, possessions were badly managed and a lot of fouls were committed on both sides.  In the first minutes 20 minutes Bayer 04 had some control of the game, Hannover stayed mostly at the back. Ballack and M.Friedrich had good chances during this period. The match radically changed after Castro lost the ball to Schulz, who quickly passed it to Hannover’s striker Ya Konnan. Sami Hyypiä in the intent of controlling the ball left it to the Hannover striker who alone in front of Adler, did not miss (min.20). 

Hannover controlled the game from this point on and had great opportunities by Abdellaoue and Pinto in the following minutes. Ballack had to be substituted after 30 minutes with a injury in his intraarticular ligament, further details are not known yet but it looks like he will miss a few games in the next weeks.  He was badly fouled by Pinto a few minutes earlier.  Hannover was very aggresive today, this meant that in the 36th minute Pogatetz was sent off after his second yellow.
You would expect that against 10 men, Bayer 04 would do better, it wasn’t the case, our side was very uninspired. The misunderstandings on the pitch continued, Leverkusen went into half time with the 1:0 lead for Hannover.  The second half did not start great, Abdellaoue scored after a corner (49.min). M.Friedrich did not cover him well in this situation and showed again that he is not up to the task this season when he gets the opportunity to play. 

Our game continued to be slow and filled with back passes in the second half. Heynckes was forced to react: Derdiyok and Reinartz came in for Sam and Hyypiä. The Swiss striker changed the game, in his first opportunity he scored (62.min) and Bayer finally started to play a bit better (it was not difficult). A few minutes later the Swiss had another chance from outside of the area, but the ball went a few centimeters past the post. Helmes was also very active on the left wing (not his natural position). The minutes went past with no change in the scoreboard.  Hannover continued to play good counter-attacks and Bayer 04 did not fully convince in attack. It was in the 90th minute after Derdiyok was fouled, that Patrick Helmes scored the lucky equalizer after a terrible organisation of Hannover in the free-kick. 

4 out of 9 points after 3 Fixtures is not a good start for Bayer 04. The only positive note I see is that in every Bundesliga game we have scored at least 2 goals and that not playing our best football!  Heynckes will have to work on the organisation between defense and midfield.  A lot of individual mistakes are also being made in the first game of the season.  Today it was Castro/Hyypiä, against Mönchengladbach it was a lost ball by Vidal which made us conceed an unnecessary goal.  The central defenders worry me a lot, what happened to them? We had one of the best defense last year, now every striker so far, is putting our defense into serious problems.  They look slow! Is it the fatigue after a too strong preparation in the pre-season/first weeks of the season? Or is it that Hyypiä and Friedrich are losing their speed as they are getting older and Reinartz is still too unexperienced for the role as full-back? 

Well let’s see how we do against Rosenborg on Thursday! Heynckes was not very happy today, he will surely use the coming days to change a few things.  I sure hope so!  This game has not erased the shameful loss to Mönchengladbach. 


Line-up Hannover 96 (bottom) vs Bayer Leverkusen (top)

 Substitutions Leverkusen
31. L. Bender for Ballack
60. Reinartz for Hyypiä
60. Derdiyok for Sam 

Substitutions Hannover 96
69. Djakpa for Abdellaoue
71. Pinto for Pinto
84. Chahed for Schmiedebach 

Yellow cards: Cherundolo (Hannover 96) / Ballack,Kadlec,L. Bender,Reinartz (Bayer Leverkusen) 

Red card: Pogatetz (2x yellow, 36.min, Hannover 96) 

1:0 Ya Konan (20.min)
2:0 Abdellaoue (50.min)
2:1Derdiyok (62.min)
2:2Helmes (90.min)

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AWD Arena

Ballack injury

Heynckes not happy with Bayer's game

Heynckes not happy with Bayer's game

More available at (under “Fotos”)  

What did you think of the match? Should Derdiyok after his strong performance begin against Rosenborg? Who who would you take out for him: Helmes or Kiessling?

2 responses to “Game Report: Bundesliga, Fixture 3, Hannover 96 vs Bayer Leverkusen 2:2

  1. another bad performance… what’s wrong??
    I didn’t see the match but your post makes me worry…
    How did Kiessling play? in three matches just one goal, but waht about his performance?

  2. I don’t see Kiessling making such an impressive season like last year. It will be a Helmes year with 20+ goals.

    Kiessling is not in a good shape at the moment, it would be wise to play Derdiyok and Helmes. I don’t know if the coach will do so against Rosenborg (first real game in the Europa League!), because of Kiessling status in the team. Derdiyok is likely to suffer because Helmes is in the best shape of all available strikers, and cannot be left out. It will be Kiessling and Helmes again most likely 😦

    On Wednesday we will know more after Jupp’s press conference.

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