Kein Zwanni für nen Steher

Having the possibility to stand instead of taking a seat in the stadium is a great tradition that is still kept in Germany.
The tickets in the standing areas are very economically and cost in the Bundesliga between 10 EUR (SC Freiburg) and 19 EUR (Hamburger SV) with 13 to 15 EUR being the normal price in most stadiums.

Standing area (C-Block) at Leverkusen, before the game

The yellow wall, a fan organisation that defends the interests of most Borussia Dortmund fan clubs, has called for a boycott of the derby away against Schalke 04 this weekend. Reason is the massive increase in prices.  Over 50 % they have increased in comparison to last year thanks to a topmatch surcharge. Standing Tickets cost for this game 20 EUR and Seats around 50 EUR.

The campaign is therefore called: “Twenty Euro for standing – no way”

They have translated their Website into English, if you like to read more about it, here is the link:

It is not sure whether most fans will follow this boycott, but it’s a good initiative, visiting football matches should be kept affordable for all social classes.  It is also not acceptable that fans from other clubs have to pay more just because a club is badly managed and owes more money than others.  Schalke 04 spent a lot of money this summer on new signings despite their poor financial situation.  Why should Dortmund Fans or other fans from away teams finance their signings?  We will see whether the boycott will work.  At the moment it looks like that Schalke Fans have something in mind and are buying those tickets on Ebay and through other channels.  It’s a derby, they both hate each other, they could use this opportunity to organise something in the visiting stands.  I will keep you posted on this issue!

2 responses to “Kein Zwanni für nen Steher

  1. thanks for picking up on our derby boycott. one thing that needs to be clarified however: we are not fighting against financing new players for any team but to keep football affordable for everyone. if we force younger fans out of the stadiums, we will – in a few years time – have a generation gap that will leave the game as clean as we have it in other european countries.

  2. Yes that’s the main idea!

    A good solution would be convince to our clubs, that they should charge to guest fans what their fans have payed at the guest stadium.

    This would create some kind of competition. Good luck with the initiative!!

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