Schürrle scores again / New coach for Bayer 04?

I will keep you all posted for the rest of the season on how Mainz and Schürrle are doing. They won yesterday 2-0 and Schürrle scored the second goal. Our loaned out player Marcel Risse who will probably not return, scored the first goal and gave a pass for the second one.

There are now also rumours coming out that Bayer 04 is interested in Mainz coach Thomas Tuchel (you can see him in the video celebrating on the sideline) if Jupp Heynckes will not continue next season. The Werkself has followed Heynckes advice to scout coaches at all times (just like players) so that when a coach needs to replaced that decision is well-thought.  This is what approximately Rudi Völler said regarding the rumor, that they have to be prepared for all circumstances.

What do I think about Thomas Tuchel? He has done great work at Mainz but he is being currently hyped. He is for me not a sure bet, I would prefer a coach that has a similar experience background than Heynckes. A coach who is not learning his job just like the overall young team of Leverkusen.

Heynckes has till December to decide whether he want to continue to coach past his 65 years. I sure hope that he continues.

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Further details of the Schürrle transfer have come out today too:

Leverkusen have withdrawn their repurchase option of their loaned out player Risse in light of the Schürrle Transfer. Mainz keeps the agreed purchase option on him. No sums have been adjusted according to Manager Heidel.  Schürrle will cost 8-8,5 Mio EUR, this can increase to 10-11 Mio EUR over the years depending on performance (maybe also a share of the transfer sum if we sell him).

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