The Werkself as South Park characters

The German Bayer 04 Blog has designed a Squad Photo inspired in the TV-Series South Park.  See the result below:

You can see the picture in bigger resolution, following this link: Ach ja… The picture on the Lauthals Blog will enlarge when you click on it.

The blog owner does not specify who is who, but gives you a space on the publicity banner if you get 3 people right on the squad picture (that have not been mentioned yet correctly).

So far the following players/staff have been correctly identified:
Mahqz: Rudi Völler (on the far right in the 2nd row); Jupp Heynckes and Wolfgang Holzhäuser (the first two from the left in the 2nd row); Hansi Sarpei (it’s obvious 🙂 )
Jannis: Vidal (with scar in 3rd row); Ballack (on the far right in the 3rd row); Derdiyok (in the middle just above the 2 yellow dressed goalkeepers), Sam (first from the left in the 1st row)
Sebastian (blog owner): Tranquillo Barnetta (the one with the earring at the top); Balitsch (next to Ballack); Helmes is the clown 🙂
Patrick (mundilev): Bobel (4th player from the left in the first row); Fernandez (3rd player from the right in the first row), Kaplan (4th from the right in the 2nd row).

I got the yellow dressed goalkeepers wrong, it looks like that Adler has more hair than Giefer in this picture and Jørgensen is not the player next to Vidal. 

So if you want to win a space on the publicity banner for your Name/Website (indicate what you want to see printed) or just do this for fun, you can visit the above mentioned blog and identify the missing players.  Use the comment function, English should be okay. On the Website you will find a picture of every player under “Teams”.  Adler and Giefer should be no problem with the clue I gave you.

7 responses to “The Werkself as South Park characters

  1. BayVogel

    aha~ it is very interesting~

  2. Welcome to the blog BayVogel, this is just for fun. Most topics are serious 🙂

  3. Hello, I am a fan from Taiwan. 🙂
    How funny the picture is!! <333 Let me try………
    Rolfes is the 5th player from the left in the 2nd row, with the captain armband.
    It seems that the one next to Vidal is Hyypiä, for he’s blond and tall, and I suppose the 4th player from the left in the 3rd row is Risse.
    Mmm……I don’t see the differences between the second one from the right in the 4th row and the third one from the left in the 2nd row……perhaps they are Bender brothers? LOL

  4. Hi Caelum, I will pass your comment on to the lauthals blog.

    Hyypiä is correct, Rolfes too I believe, don’t know about the others.

    You can ask the guy from the Lauthals to print a banner for you if you get 3 right. Hyypiä was already mentioned. But I am sure Sebastian will accept it. In case you want it, you will have to tell me what should be printed on the banner.

  5. Oh thanks~ You’re so nice~:)

    OH YEAH~~ I’ve got one right. LOL

  6. That me think about it haha~

  7. Hello world 😉

    sorry for this very late answer, but the last days and weeks I’m pinched for time…
    So let’s go:

    Yep, you’re right with Hyypiä, Risse (wow) and, of course, Rolfes. Is there anything, I can print on the banner for you? 😉

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