Game Report: Bundesliga, Fixture 6, Vfb Stuttgart vs Bayer Leverkusen 1:4

This is the Werkself at it’s best, just like against Dortmund and Rosenborg!!  3 very important points that we have added today in Stuttgart, especially looking at the results of the other top-teams (Bayern lost 1:2 against Mainz; Schalke only 2:2 against Mönchengladbach).

Jupp Heynckes lined up as I predicted on Friday, Reinartz played for Bender and Hyypiä took his position in defense.  Renato Augusto returned to the starting line-up after his injury while Patrick Helmes stayed on the bench.

Bayer 04 started with a lot of determination, already in the first 10 minutes the Werkself had three good chances by Balitsch, Kadlec and Schwaab.  In the 19th minute Leverkusen finally showed a decent set piece this season,  Barnetta brought a free-kick into the area which Hyypiä headed into Stuttgart’s goal.  The Werkself did not relax and scored two minutes later again.  It was Arturo Vidal who established the 0-2 after a wonderful combination that reminded of the attractive football we played last season.  After 30 minutes, Leverkusen could have increased to 0-3 in a counter-attack but Camoranesi fouled Barnetta just before reaching the area.  He was sent off because of this foul and Derdiyok missed the following free-kick thanks to a great save by Ulreich.

With 0-2 the teams with into half-time.  Stuttgart came out with a lot of energy in half two while Leverkusen decided to wait for the home team to attack.  The consequence was that Stuttgart got back into the game, Kuzmanovic scored a free-kick an hour into the match.  Leverkusen had good chances by counter-attack and soon increased to 1:3 by Baltisch.  Stuttgart could have reduced the lead again but a goal of Pogrebnyak was disallowed because of a previous handball by Marica.  In the last minutes of the game, Sam increased to 1:4.

Overall a very good performance of the Werkself.  We can travel with a lot of confidence to Madrid.  The 4-2-3-1 formation is working wonders and I think it will be the right tactic to play in Madrid.  Just like today we need to give Atletico little space on our side of the pitch and switch quickly between defense and attack.

Line up Stuttgart (bottom) vs Leverkusen (top)

Substitutions Leverkusen
64 min. Rolfes for Renato Augusto
79 min. Sam for Barnetta
90 min. Jörgensen for Derdiyok

Substitutions Stuttgart
63 min. Marica for Harnik
70 min. Molinaro for Boka

Yellow cards: Molinaro (Stuttgart); M. Friedrich (Leverkusen)
Red cards: Camoranesi (Stuttgart, 31 min.)

0:1 Hyypiä (19 min)
0:2 Vidal (21 min.)
1:2 Kuzmanovic (52 min)
1:3 Balitsch (69 min.)
1:4 Sam (88 min.)

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Barnetta and Vidal celebrating a goal

Mercedes-Benz Arena is currently being renewed

Bayer 04 Fans in Stuttgart

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I personally think that Arturo Vidal had an outstanding game as playmaker! What is your opinion, who was the best man on the pitch?

6 responses to “Game Report: Bundesliga, Fixture 6, Vfb Stuttgart vs Bayer Leverkusen 1:4

  1. I think Bayer 04 didn’t play very well after Camoranesi got a red card. Actually, the Werkself didn’t show any dominance even if they had more players present, yet still, they have already improved comparing with last game and we got 6 points this week!!!!

  2. Caelum,
    Yeah true we could have done more after the 2:0 or at the beginning of the second half. But we also missed very good chances (Barnetta, Balitsch).

    It’s difficult to have total control of a game for 90 minutes. Positive was the quick 2-0 (we could have relaxed as usual) and that we finally scored after a set piece (free-kick or corner). Last season we were very strong in this aspect, thanks to Kroos especially. This season it has been one of our weaknesses so far.

    Who was your outstanding player today???

    @ Luca
    What is your opinion on Camoranesi? I can’t stand him, not a very fair guy lol

  3. sektion ottawa

    #23 VIDAL FTW!!!

  4. I’m really happy for the 3 points! 🙂
    I didn’t see the match but I saw some parts of various matches with Simulcast/Konferenz and I just wanted to say: beware Dortmund!
    In my opinion they are playing very well and can compete for the title… (maybe they’re just too young and unexperienced…)
    We got 3 important points with them… 😉

    Anyway, I don’t like Camoranesi so much since he used to play for Juventus, the team I hate most (with Bayern Munchen and Real Madrid), he was a good player some years ago but now he’s not so good (that’s why Juventus sold him).
    Also Molinaro played for Juventus (and the fans didn’t love him so much) he didn’t play very well but now he is improving (he is in the national team O.o – povera Italia…) and Kuzmanovic is a young and good player in my opinion (he played for Fiorentina)… but the goal he scored… -.- Adler, where are you??

    In the video I could appreciate some beautiful actions from Barnetta and Derdiyok (2 assist for him!)… And Balitsch? I thought he wasn’t a good signing (since we had Rolfes,Ballack,Reinartz,Vidal,Bender in his position)… a nice surprise 🙂

    Just a curiousity: why did Balitsch celebrate the goal that way? Is there a reason or it is just so?
    And how did the defense play today? (expecially Friedrich and Hyypia…)

  5. Yes Dortmund is at a very high level at the moment, Sahin is making a serious breakthrough. They have a good coach and not too many players that have played the World Cup.

    I read an article about Molinaro some time ago that the fans used to make a lot of fun about him, that he could not play a straight pass. I always remember Camoranesi as an aggressive player, of course he had also good offensive actions, but that’s what I remember most.

    Balitsch wife is expecting a child in January. He came on a free transfer and is highly regarded by the coach for his flexibility as he can play left-back and centre-back too. Prior to signing he told him, that he needs someone like that in his team and that he would get games on different positions. So maybe one day we see him in defense. He brings in experience and had always a loud voice in the locker room of Hannover 96. The sort of player we also needed.

    Our game was very similar to Dortmund (against Rosenborg we were more open), the defense had great help from midfield. When Stuttgart had the ball we were waiting with 2x 4-player rows very tight together. We also did not leave that much space between defense and goal. Because of this, the central defenders had hardly any large distance running duels on their own against Stuttgart strikers. This is where they loose out against most strikers. Looking at the rating at Hyypiä gets an 8,5 out of 10 and Friedrich 7 out of 10 (“he commited a lot of fouls, one of them lead to Stuttgart’s goal”). For both defenders it’s a big rating improvement.

    Balitsch puts it’s nicely in the interview: “Today you could see from the first minute that we wanted to win, we played with a lot of tactical discipline and kept the ball very well. We let the Stuttgarters know from the beginning that it would be a very difficult game for them.”

    Thank you all for the comments, it’s interesting to discuss a Bayer game with opinions from Taiwan, Spain, Canada and Italy 😉

  6. That’s what I thought when I saw his celebration but it could be just my impression… 😉
    It’s a pleasure for me to have the possibility to comment with other Bayer fan from all over the world 🙂
    you are doing a great job man!

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