Game Report: Bundesliga, Fixture 7, Bayer Leverkusen vs Werder Bremen 2:2

Wow what a great display of offensive football by both teams today. The 2-2 draw against Werder Bremen puts an end to 7 games in 3 weeks as the national teams will move into focus next week.

Jupp Heynckes made one change to the line-up: Derdiyok was left on the bench to give him a needed rest. Helmes took his position. The tactical formation mutated also from a 4-2-3-1 (Stuttgart) to a 4-1-2-2-1 (Atletico and Bremen). Mundilev, the German media and several Bayer 04 blogs have had different opinions on how our tactics have evolved, but today it was easy to see! It’s clearly an 4-1-2-2-1 with position changes of the wingers.

Leverkusen was the better team in the first half, and took the lead in the 16th minute with a goal by Patrick Helmes who finished from a tight angle after a through ball by Tranquillo Barnetta. Unfortunately after this goal, our team preferred to control the game and take little risk going forward. A second goal in the first half could have decided the match. And of course we paid for this attitude later. As in Madrid the opponent came out more determined after the break and thanks to a free-kick by Almeida leveled the score (53 min.). Over the foul that leads to the free-kick can be argued as our readers correctly point out. However the referee also judged an offside situation of Bremen wrongly in the 1st half which could have also meant a goal against us, so overall it can be seen as fair trade 🙂 . A few minutes later (62 min.) Marko Marin netted in a nice counter-attack and turned the match upside down. Heynckes was forced to switch to a 4-2-2-2 formation and brought Derdiyok on for Balitsch. The last 15 minutes were an orgy of Leverkusen attacks. The Swiss striker equalled the scoreboard in the 78th minute with an outstanding goal from outside of the area. Leverkusen could have scored a winner but in most cases our attacks were just badly finished. In the last two minutes of the match, Helmes and Prödl missed clear chances on goal. It seems like that the Football God did not want any of the teams to lose after this great football spectacle.

Overall I can live with the result, we came back at the end and showed morale. Leverkusen was the better team in the last 15-20 minutes despite having a day less of recovery than Bremen. Of course, after an initial 1-0 and looking at the table (Bayern lost 🙂 ) 3 points would have been fantastic for us. But if you compare the beginning of the month with the current situation, we can be satisfied with our performance in the last 2 weeks. Hopefully after the break for the national teams Simon Rolfes and Renato Augusto will be at 100% so that we can start a winning streak in October against: Wolfsburg-Thessaloniki(EL)-Mainz-Mönchengladbach(Cup)-Gladbach-Schalke-Thessaloniki(EL)
It will be not easy, it never is!

Substitutions Leverkusen
57 min. L. Bender for Vidal
65 min. Derdiyok for Balitsch
73 min. Rolfes for Reinartz

Substitutions Bremen
46 min. Hugo Almeida for Bargfrede
83 min. Ayik for Arnautovic
86 min. Husejinovic for Hunt

Yellow Cards: Sam,Reinartz (Leverkusen); Wesley,D. Jensen,Wiese,Prödl(Bremen)

1:0 Helmes (16 min.)
1:1 Hugo Almeida (53 min.)
1:2 Marin (62 min.)
2:2 Derdiyok (78 min.)

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Fans before kick-off

Heynckes red like a tomato / Vidal on the bench

Goal celebration Eren Derdiyok

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4 responses to “Game Report: Bundesliga, Fixture 7, Bayer Leverkusen vs Werder Bremen 2:2

  1. It wasn’t foul in my opinion.. both players raised their legs!!!
    I mean Hyypia and Marin… and the barrier remained too still! one of the member should have attacked the ball… 😦

  2. Definetaly wrong decision by referee!!! If it was foul, than commited on Hyypia…

  3. In my opinion quite good “match to watch”. We were quite correct with sugestion of line-up. No two strikers, that was impossible. We just can´t afford such luxury now.
    As You asked, i was watching Adler´s kick and throws and i must say, it wasnt SO bad at all.
    What was really bad, was Barnetta. Terrible. He still can run with the ball on leg, but wrong possitioning and many lost balls, sorry. He couldnt even send one good ball behind defence. I don´t really know. What do you say?

    Goal scored by Derdiyok was SIMPLY GREAT!!! 😀

  4. Yes Daniel Adler’s throws and goal kick were quite decent today. He is a great goalie I just think he could be even better if he improves in this area even more. Let’s wait for the Schalke game to do a comparison, Neuer is just amazing in this aspect.

    I already didn’t like Barnetta against Atletico and today it was even worse. He ran a lot but he messed up lots of our attacks. Dribblings horrible 🙂

    About the line-up there a few German Fans who are quite pissed on about playing with just one striker. At the moment without Kiessling and till our defense get’s confidence I am as you perfectly fine with it.

    About the foul that lead to the goal. It’s not a scandal referee decision. Shame it’s not on the video summary I would like to see it again.

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