Curious statistics after 10 games this season: min.50 to 56 & final minutes

The Werkself was known last season to come out strong in the 2nd half.  Whether behind, levelled or ahead in the scoreboard, it was rare to see this curious goal statistic against our opponents over 10 consecutive games:

56 min. goal by Mönchengladbach (home) 1:4
50 min. goal by Hannover (away) 0:2
52 min. goal by Stuttgart (away) 1:2
51 min. goal by Atletico Madrid (away) 1:1
53 min. goal by Bremen (home) 1:1

Our team was last year weak in the final minutes (85.-90.), for example: 2:2 at Schalke, 2:2 in Berlin, 2:2 in Bremen, 2:3 in Frankfurt and lost a lot of points this way.  We would be playing the Champions League today, if Mertesacker’s goal in Bremen had not gone down.

However, so far this season we have this under control, we have not received a single goal in this time frame and have actually gained points in the last minutes:

90 min. goal by Helmes against Hannover (away) 2:2
90 min. goal by Vidal against Frankfurt (home) 2:1

Just coincidence? What are the reasons for this change?

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