Bayer 04 Players away with their national teams this week (4/10/2010-12/10/2010)

Nine players are away this and next week.  Very positive news for Bayer 04 is that Nicolai Jørgensen has been called up for the first-time for the full danish national team ❗

Helmes was not called up for Germany despite having scored 8 goals in the official club competitions so far.  He is not too happy about it, more information in the press section.

Hyypiä could retire from the Finnish national team if bad results continue (2 defeats so far).  He is noticing that he needs to have more rests this season.  For Bayer 04 a victory of Hungary this week would be good news.

I will keep you updated this and next week with videos and information on the performance of our national players.

René Adler:
Germany – Turkey: 08.10. (Euro-Qualification)
Kazakhstan – Germany: 12.10. (Euro-Qualification)

Fabian Giefer:
Germany U21 – Ukraine U21: 11.10. (Friendly)

Tranquillo Barnetta and Eren Derdiyok:
Montenegro – Switzerland: 08.10. (Euro-Qualification)
Switzerland – Wales: 12.10 (Euro-Qualification)

Sami Hyypiä:
Finland – Hungary: 12.10. (Euro-Qualification)

Nicolai Jørgensen:
Portugal – Denmark: 08.10. (Euro-Qualification)
Denmark U21– France U21: 12.10. (Friendly)

Michal Kadlec:
Czech Republic– Scotland: 08.10. (Euro-Qualification)
Liechtenstein – Czech Republic: 12.10. (Euro-Qualification)

Burak Kaplan:
France U21 – Turkey U21: 08.10. (Friendly)
Turkey U21 – Belgium U21: 12.10. (Friendly)

Domagoj Vida:
Spain U21 – Croatia U21: 09.10. (Euro-Qualification)
Croatia U21 – Spain U21: 12.10. (Euro-Qualification)

New Transfer Gossip: Inter Milan interested in Kiessling 🙂 (don’t trust this rumour for now)
Michael Reschke (Squad Manager) and Norbert Ziegler (Chief Scout) will travel to Brazil next week to observe a few players.  No specific targets have been filtered yet.  By logic we are searching a centre-back!  Waiting for names to come out to add this rumour to the Transfer Gossip section.

UPDATE: Bayer 04 is chasing Samuel Inkoom, check Transfer Gossip Section

4 responses to “Bayer 04 Players away with their national teams this week (4/10/2010-12/10/2010)

  1. 1. What are Adler´s chances? Have no clue.
    2. KieBling-Inter Milan 😀 😀 😀
    3. Leverkusen scouts travelling to Brazil … let´s give the european football another defender like Juan, or midfielder like Emerson. 🙂

  2. 1 He rotates the seat on the bench with Wiese as 2nd goalkeeper, look under category national teams, nothing has changed with what I posted a month ago
    2 Real funny that rumours come out in relation to this huge club and during a period of long injury
    3 Hopefully we get it right, last time we bought something for defense I think it was Athirson. He was planned as left-back but did not know how to defend so he played as left winger. He had a nice shot 🙂 Stenman continued to play as left-back 😦
    I am looking forward to names, the press will surely find out with matches they will watch and from there they will extract the possible targets.

  3. Will Castro ever be called up for the national team again?
    Last year Kicker put him in the top 11 of the season…

    Anyway Inter and Roma don’t need another striker…
    PS: Cacau instead of Helmes… bah…

  4. Hey Luca,

    Castro is a good player but he is not consistent, he played last season a very good first round in the Bundesliga and then went a bit downhill like the rest of the team. In this season it’s also an up and down. You can see from the Poll according to Kicker that he is not in the top 10 of Bayer players so far in this season.

    Löw prefers for outside positions Sascha Riether and Aogo from Wolfsburg and Hamburg, and has Lahm and Westermann as more experienced players.

    Castro is injured (torn muscle fibre) anyway, and will hopefully be back after the break.

    I thought so that Inter and Rome are:
    1. too big for him yet
    2. have no need

    P.S. Gomez instead of Helmes bah 😉

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