Michael Ballack out till winter / Kiessling starting recovery

This is the result of a test that proved the injury to Ballack’s lateral collateral ligament of the knee to be worse than expected. The midfielder broke his tibial plateau on 11 September in the league match against Hanover. Ballack will have to wear a splint for four to six weeks to relieve his knee.

“This development is very unfortunate. I hope Michael Ballack will return to the team strengthened after the winter break and his rehab program,” Bayer 04-Head Coach Jupp Heynckes said.

Source: Bayer04.de

Apart from being his injury worse than expected, this press statement has the aim to put an end to the constant speculation in the media about when he will be back.  I would have expected him to get minutes in December, this is now off the table.  However this does not change much, Ballack would have needed to fully recover so or so a winter preparation.  Keep your head up Micha!

Meanwhile according to Bild today, Stefan Kiessling will start in the next days with Aquajogging and light GymnasticsI think we could see him play a few minutes in December.

Fulham/AS Rome want to sign Kiessling, check Transfer Gossip section 

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