Pro Evolution Soccer 2011: Bundesliga Option File / Chants for Fifa and PES

If you have Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 for the Playstation 3 (EU Version) and want to play with Bayer Leverkusen and other Bundesliga teams I recommend Cristiano92 Option File:

It came out on Sunday and still has some minor faults, but these will be corrected over the next weeks.  You will find more information and periodic updates in the abovementioned link.  At the moment you have to download both Base and Add-on file and copy the extracted files to your Playstation 3.

Option Files for other PS3 PES 2011 versions (UK, US…) are also available on, just browse through the Forum to find the correct one for your region.

For the PC Version try this (read pdf instructions):

If you want to include Chants in your game (this is applicable for Fifa 2011 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 and 2011, all use mp3s), there are several collections:

-Huge collection from all over the world:
-Mainly England & Spain:
-Collection of ripped Youtube Bayer 04 chants:

If you hear them too low in your games, you can increase the Db with mp3gain


Dates and times of Bundesliga fixtures 12 to 17 have been published today.  The Google Calendar has been updated accordingly. 

6 responses to “Pro Evolution Soccer 2011: Bundesliga Option File / Chants for Fifa and PES

  1. Thank you, it will be useful when I get PES 😉
    I know in Germany FIFA is the most sold because Bundesliga is licensed but I prefer PES…

  2. Me the same 😉

    PES for life!

  3. Guys. I prefer FIFA, even if it´s not playable against computer. I simply like the feeling to lead real Ballack and Helmes with real logos and real names, without internet searching.

  4. The stadium atmosphere and licenses are better in Fifa than in PES 2010. The patch here for the Bundesliga is ok but we will have to wait 1-2 months to have a quality one.

    So it’s a bit of an inconvenience this custom editing I agree. But I have played Pro Evolution all these years with no exception. I think it all started with Pro Evolution Soccer 2 😉

    Fifa has catched up, but I am just loyal to the japanese lol

  5. Where I can download FIFA 2011 full version? Can you give me the links? thanks before

  6. Sorry this Blog doesn’t support this kind of activity 😉

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