Mundilev Chat

A new feature for our blog!  Now you can chat with other Fans around the world while you watch the games of Bayer Leverkusen on your computer or TV.  No registration is needed, just enter your nick and join the chat (link on the right side).

Thanks Tai_Leverkusen for your suggestion!  I am always open to new ideas in order to improve this blog!

An discussion forum is also on my list but I am still waiting with it, as we need more active people to give it some life.  I would move the news section/transfer gossip section to the forum, so that also other users can help in filling these spaces with new items.  The information would be this way even more up-to date.  I am still undecided whether to have a separate English and Spanish area where we can discuss on Bayer 04 games and players or just have it all in English/Spanglish 😉  News, Transfer Gossip and my blog postings would continue to be divided in two languages. 

Let me know your thoughts!  I would also appreciate help from people who have experience with graphic/website design.

4 responses to “Mundilev Chat

  1. This is the structure I have in mind (information in english and spanish, discussions in spanglish):

    1.News/Noticias Bayer Leverkusen
    a. in English
    b. en Español

    In areas a and b, a thread would be opened for each news. I would establish that only one post can be made, so that no comments take place. That way the news would stay in chronological order otherwise the latest post will be on top. See this as example:

    I would add to each section translated articles from the german press.

    We could also add another subarea: c.Videos Bayer 04
    With a Thread for each competition. This would be for both english and spanish readers.
    No comments would be made.

    2. Bayer 04 in action/en acción
    A Thread would be opened for each upcoming Bayer 04 match.

    3. Players of the Werkself/Jugadores de la Werkself
    Every player has a Thread (first post would be an extract of wikipedia)

    4.Transfer Gossip / Rumores fichajes
    a. in english
    b. en español

    There would be 2 Threads in each subarea: one with just information, the other one is used for discussion.

    for other uses

    To make people participate we could define that news/gossip can only be read if you register. Once you registered it’s a small step to comment on something.

    If I create Bayer 04 in action and Players of the Werkself in spanish there would be less content in the Threads.

    We saw in the chat on Saturday that we can somehow communicate despite the language barrier. There is always google translate and other users can help. There would be no rule that you have to write in english in these discussion areas.

    Users can briefly explain the point made by the previous spanish user who does not speak english and the other way round.

    At the moment I see around 5 active english reader and 5 active spanish reader. To have exclusive discussion sections in own language it’s not sufficient.

    The forum would reduce my work as I would get help with the news and transfer gossip (it’s very easy: Google news and copy + paste). I could concentrate on my own content for the blog.
    That’s a reason why I could consider starting to work on this, so that we have it ready by the end of the month.

    This whole issue maybe deserves a poll 😉

    Please comment and let me know what you think about this

  2. I don’t know if I’ve understood.. in news/noticias you/we can post news (what kind of news? you usually write the news on the post of the site… I’ve got this point not so much clear in my mind – by the way I’m not very acquainted with forums..)
    why don’t you want to let the video commentable?
    Apart from this point I think is ok.. 😉
    spanish and english together is good idea so ALL the forum members can comunicate (and I don’t have any problem because I understand also a little spanish since I’m italian and our languages are similar 😉 )

  3. The press section I currently have on the blog will be shifted to the forum.

    I will replace the link I have here at the top with the web address of the section in the forum. With the help of everyone that section will be always up-to date

    With Transfer Gossip the same.

    We could comment on the videos in the news section, but it would be cool to have all videos from each competition followed without interruption. I could link this section also on my blog.

    Of course in other threads, like in “Bayer 04 in action” we can include it also and comment on it. We will have a thread for every game and you can post/discuss whatever you want there.

    Basically, I want to outsource some work 😉 and that’s why I also need clean and only informative areas in the forum.

    Some readers might not want to scroll a whole page to find a new transfer gossip. They want to have one after the other. To get an better overview.

    P.S. The registration I think is a good idea: To have premium content (news, gossip) please register 🙂
    It would take 2 min and just an email address is needed (no personal details). Everyone would have a profile with avatar..

    I will start looking at forum softwareor external providers. Continue giving me your thoughts on this.

    I am sure someone has also better names for the sections

  4. Set up a forum yesterday evening, found this great site which makes it very easy.

    In the next days I will be tweaking it (design, areas, threads) !! Let’s try out this spanglish, if it doesn’t work out I can still change it afterwards.

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