FC St.Pauli, more than just a football team!

On the docks of the German port city of Hamburg, the district of St. Pauli blinks with brightly-colored neon signs advertising countless sex cinemas and private dancers.

This, after all, is where you will find the Reeperbahn, one of Europe’s most infamous red-light districts, an area with proud memories of when The Beatles played the raucous venues of the town over a two-and-a-half-year period before they became the most famous band in the world.

St.Pauli is different

But now it is the skull and crossbones — which fly from almost every shop front and street corner — rather than sleaze that defines this working-class district of Germany’s second city.

The notorious black and white standard isn’t a sop to the city’s seafaring past, but rather a homage to one of the area’s most famous sons: FC St. Pauli…

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Transworld Sports on St.Pauli

Wikipedia: Link


The stadium of St.Pauli has unique VIP-Lounges, more details can be found in the forum.

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