Match Preview: Europa League, Fixture 5 (Group-stage), Rosenborg BK vs Bayer Leverkusen

Wednesday, 1/12/2010, 21:05 (GMT+1)

A Mini-Preview!  Got my flight tomorrow, will probably see only the first half.  Game Report will be therefore also brief.

Bayer 04 travelled today to freezing Norway.  They were received with temperatures of -13 Cº to -17 Cº in Trondheim.  Barnetta and Rolfes stayed in Leverkusen.  Barnetta has a unimportant knee injury and for Rolfes playing on the artificial pitch can be a risk after his injury last season.

Vidal and Derdiyok are not likely to begin as both are not at 100% after the game in Hoffenheim.  This is not all: Adler after the training session today had lower back pains.  It is not sure whether he can play tomorrow.  I think he should make it!  If not Giefer will be in goal.

The referee will check the pitch tomorrow, if it’s not playable, the match could be even cancelled.  A plastic cover and under-soil heating is making sure that no ice  and a big amount of snow covers the field.  The green-keeper of Rosenborg is confident that the match will be played.

Both teams are likely to use snow masks>> Link  Crazy 😉

Posible line-up for Bayer 04:






Bench: Giefer,Balitsch,Castro,Vidal,Derdiyok,Kaplan

Rosenborg have won again the league in Norway.  Their last league game was on the 7th of November, since then they have prepared this encounter by playing friendlies.

We will qualify for the next round after the 5th fixture if:
-Atletico wins vs Aris + Bayer 04 draws/wins vs Rosenborg
-Draw Atletico vs Aris + Bayer 04 draws/wins vs Rosenborg
-Aris wins vs Atletico + Bayer 04 wins vs Rosenborg (qualified as 1st in the group)

Good luck Bayer 04!!!

2 responses to “Match Preview: Europa League, Fixture 5 (Group-stage), Rosenborg BK vs Bayer Leverkusen

  1. good luck werkself . I’m really surprised by the injury of Barnetta. but I hope it’s not dangerous. so we hope the qualification tomorrow 😉

  2. Me too 😉 It’s nothing serious.

    But we are going to play kind of with the second team, that worries me together with the bad weather.
    Maybe it’s best that the match just get cancelled. For me that would be also great 🙂

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