Match Preview: Bundesliga, Fixture 16, SV Hamburg vs Bayer Leverkusen

Saturday, 10/12/2010, 15:30 (GMT+1)

Press conference (Thursday)

Opening statement Heynckes: “Hamburg has shown two faces in the last months.  At home they have won their last 4 games while away they have lost their last 4.  It will be therefore a difficult job to play them away.  However our objective till the winter break is first to win against Hamburg and then against Freiburg.  We have analysed in great detail our poor game against Cologne.  On match-day no one was really happy about it, but looking at it a few days after, I have to also admit that the trip to Icy Norway could have played a role.  Coming back to tomorrow’s match: They will recover important player like Van Nistelrooy, Elia, Aogo and Benjamin, but we can travel with a lot of confidence to Hamburg.  My team just needs to focus on delivering a solid performance over 90+ minutes.  That’s what we missing.

Question: Sami Hyypiä and René Adler finished the training session a bit earlier today, are they okay?

Heynckes: We have trained with high intensity yesterday and today.  Sami has only a flu and I just gave him a break.  Rene Adler and Rüdiger Vollborn (goalkeeper coach) thought that 1 hour should be enough.  I’m fine with that.  They just have a different training plan.

Question: Will Gonzalo and Simon Rolfes be included in the starting line-up?

Heynckes: Why should I take Castro out?  He needs match practise to further improve and reach the level he had before his injury.  Rolfes has trained well this week and it is likely that he will play from the beginning.

Question: …and Patrick Helmes?

Heynckes: Are we going to discuss every player now?  I am satisfied with Patrick’s training performances, the same goes for Derdiyok and Jørgensen.

Question: It was said that in Christmas your future will be decided.  Are there any new developments or are you still thinking about it?

Heynckes: That’s not on my mind now.  I signed for Bayer 04 two weeks before the end of the season.  I think we should concentrate on ending the first half season with success.  We can sit down also in the spring.  I enjoy my work here, as the entire staff and team works very well together.    It’s an intensive and stressful job, therefore I want to be make sure that I will carry it out at 100%.  My extension has no priority at the moment.


Rolfes and Schwaab are likely to return to the team.  In attack it is very difficult to make a prediction who will play.

Line-up Hamburg (from Kicker):
Rost – Benjamin,Demel,Westermann,Aogo – Jarolim,Trochowski – Pitroipa,Zé Roberto – Guerrero,van Nistelrooy

Last Bundesliga win in Hamburg?
2009/2010: SV Hamburg – Bayer Leverkusen 0:0
2008/2009: SV Hamburg – Bayer Leverkusen 3:2
2007/2008: SV Hamburg – Bayer Leverkusen 1:0
2006/2007: SV Hamburg – Bayer Leverkusen 0:0
2005/2006: SV Hamburg – Bayer Leverkusen 0:2


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2 responses to “Match Preview: Bundesliga, Fixture 16, SV Hamburg vs Bayer Leverkusen

  1. wi can win in north bank arena 😉

  2. they changed the name again: Imtech Arena 😉

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