Ballack, Transfer situation & Forum

-Michael Ballack has been back in team training this week. 

-Jupp Heynckes is quoted today in the German Press: “There will be no transfers in the winter”.  I wouldn’t take that for granted.  In my opinion, the Hosogai transfer will be announced in the next days.  It’s a legal matter (Japanese documents) that is probably delaying his arrival to Germany.  He will be loaned out as already mentioned earlier.  A centre-back is also a must and Heynckes is making his contract extension dependant on that.  Just imagine what will be the situation if 2 centre-backs are injured/suspended in an important match in the Europa League.  Every position needs to covered by two players, we have only 3 players for 2 centre-back positions.  Not enough for a top-team! has moved to (previous registered user accounts are maintained).  The Admins have really put in a lot of effort and the result is great.  There are already over 40 registered users and it will continue to grow.  If you need help in joining, just comment below. When you press “Registrieren”, you can choose the language on the top right corner 😉

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