Bayer 04 Goals: Fixture 1 to 17 Bundesliga Season 2010/11

Found this on Youtube today, enjoy 😉

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__________ (german version) confirmed the transfer of Hajime Hosogai.  He will sign a contract till 30/06/2013 and be loaned out to FC Augsburg until 30/06/2012.  According to German newspapers we will pay his salary while he is on his loan spell.  This together with the contract length (just one season with Leverkusen) does not make much sense to me.  However it was also mentioned that a cooperation could arise (not officially confirmed), which will allow us to get players from Augsburg at a very reasonable price.

Have a great New Year!  

4 responses to “Bayer 04 Goals: Fixture 1 to 17 Bundesliga Season 2010/11

  1. yes, it does not make much sense…
    Happy new year to you too!

  2. Cheers 😉

    Btw: did you know that Kampl returned to Leverkusen? He is with the second team now!

  3. no I didn’t know that…
    that’s weird! we talked about him just few weeks ago!

    anyway, many transfer speculation but still nothing yet…
    I’ve just read that Jupp will try to use Schwaab as centre back… so no new CB?
    and will Adler remain?

    PS: I like the new blog header 😉

  4. Yeah Greuter Fürth and Kampl agreed to cancel the signed contract (he left on a free transfer) and he signed a new one with Bayer. He is now training with the first team. Danny da Costa is also now with the big boys.

    I get the feeling that nothing will come, but according to Jupp they actually tried to sign Agger, so maybe there could be a surprise.
    And yes Schwaab seems to be a real alternative for the coach. He is getting less minutes than last season, so this could be good for him.

    Adler I think will renew. Manchester will not pay 24 Mio for a young goalkeeper who is crap at throwing/kicking the ball. They already have a young goalkeeper signed (Lindgren), if I were Manchester I would go for a veteran goalkeeper to have that position well covered. It’s a different world playing for Manchester. They brought in a lot of talented goalkeepers and none of them did well after Schmeichel left. The perfect solution at the end was the old Van de Saar. Who came for nothing, and not 24 Mio EUR.

    Yeah the new header is great, got a friend to do it. 😉

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