Friendly: Vfl Osnabrück vs Bayer Leverkusen 0:3

Another win for the Werkself in their last test game before Friday’s Bundesliga clash against Borussia Dortmund. Adler, Ballack, Derdiyok and Barnetta stayed in Leverkusen to continue working on their recovery. Especially the decision to not give Ballack minutes in this test game has caused a lot of discussion in the media. Rudi Völler pledged publically that he needs match practise to regain his level.  However after the game against Oberhausen, Michael did not train the following day due to an infection. This is the main reason for the coach to not include him.

The Werkself scored early (11 min.), Simon Rolfes put down the first goal after a corner by Patrick Helmes. The team from Osnabrück did not hide in this first half but Leverkusen improved as the minutes passed, especially after the break the ball was moved with great ease and precision.  In a nice combination on the left side and following a pass by Lars Bender, Renato Augusto increased to 0:2 (60 min.).  5 minutes later Sidney Sam added one more for the Werkself.  Jupp Heynckes made a lot of changes at this point.  Arturo Vidal, who had just returned to Germany on Friday, got also to play a few minutes.      

Our coach said after the 0:3 win that the starting line-up of this friendly is very similar to what he has is in mind for the Dortmund game.



Schwaab (74. Vida), Reinartz, Friedrich (70. Hyypiä), Castro (75. Kadlec) 

Rolfes (70. Vidal), Bender (70. Balitsch)

Renato Augusto, Sam (75. Jörgensen) 

Kießling, Helmes

Video-Recap Bayer04-TV: Link

Adler will play for sure against Dortmund.  Hyypiä (for Reinartz) and Vidal (for Bender) should move in too.  Barnetta has also some chances to start from the beginning.  A surprise would be to see Ballack or Derdiyok in the starting line-up.  

It seems that we are switching back to a 4-2-2-2.  With Kiessling on board that makes a lot of sense, he is the ideal complement for either Helmes or Derdiyok.  He will do the needed defensive work (including falling back into midfield) and be a reference for us in attack by holding balls and creating spaces for others.  We saw his importance in the last games before the winter break, in which he gave 2 assists for Helmes. 

Kiessling + Helmes = OK
Kiessling + Derdiyok = OK
Helmes + Derdiyok = not compatible

These are my equations!  Feel free to discuss!

2 responses to “Friendly: Vfl Osnabrück vs Bayer Leverkusen 0:3

  1. I agree with your opinion about: Kiessling + Helmes = OK , Kiessling + Derdiyok = OK, Helmes + Derdiyok = not compatible. It has been proved since Kiessling went back :))

  2. Kiessling is the fundamental element in the striker equation 😉

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