How to watch Bayer 04 (Video Streaming)

Given that some domains ( were closed down recently, I have updated this blog post with new links to these pages. 

Note: I assume no responsibility for the information offered below.  The mentioned Websites have no link to and are solely responsable for the content they offer.

My personal ranking of Video Streaming Websites:

The simplest and easiest way is at  , no software is required, you just click on the match you want to watch, and a window opens which automatically loads the game.  There is hardly any publicity on the site, and if a link happens to be down, they will quickly replace it.

In second place, I recommend   , apart from the “no P2P Links” (software is not needed) it lists “P2p Links” which may offer a slightly better quality.  But for these you will need to install extra software.  There are guides on the site to help you with this.  The forum is also very good, but it’s mostly in spanish!

In third place comes , it is very similar to Rojadirecta, and offers both kind of links, but I am not a friend of its menu.  From the quality and quantity of the links, it is very similar to Rojadirecta.

4 responses to “How to watch Bayer 04 (Video Streaming)

  1. Thank you 🙂

  2. Thanks for the updates. I have fairly good luck finding games at

  3. thanks

  4. Thanks Gerry, did not know that site, will try it out!

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