Match Preview: Europa League, Round of 32 (second-leg), Bayer Leverkusen vs Metalist Kharkiv

Thursday, 24/02/2011 @ 19:05 (GMT+1)

Press conference (Wednesday)

Opening statement Jupp Heynckes: As said after our victory in the first leg, we have a comfortable lead. But this does not mean we should take it easy, especially in the Europa League you have to play all games at 100%. I think it’s important to show a good performance tomorrow, so that we can travel with a lot of confidence to Bremen on Sunday. Metalist Kharkiv is stronger then they have showed last Thursday, we do good in taking this second-leg seriously.

René Adler: Our coach told us before the season that we have the sufficient quality to do well in the Europa League. The team is highly motivated in this competition, you can see that in every match we play. Our premise is to think from game to game, so we want to go out and win the match tomorrow. Of course, dreaming is sometimes inevitable, I personally have caught myself thinking about the difficult opponent we will face in the next round or how beautiful it would be to play the final.

Question: How much rotation will we see tomorrow?

Heynckes: Of course I will introduce as usual some changes to the team, but we will see a competitive eleven on the field.

Question: Will Michael Ballack play?

Heynckes: As said I will make some changes to the line-up, but these will be first communicated to the players.


Difficult to predict, the same with the attendance.  Bayer 04 is giving away a free additional entrance to every bought ticket to avoid a half-empty stadium.


Jupp Heynckes continues to postpone his contract extension.  Getting the feeling that he might not continue.  Robin Dutt from Freiburg seems to be the Nr.1 candidate, in case Jupp retires.

René Adler will talk in April again with Bayer 04 about a new contract.

3 responses to “Match Preview: Europa League, Round of 32 (second-leg), Bayer Leverkusen vs Metalist Kharkiv

  1. where is Giefer?
    now on the bench there is always Bobel as second goalkeeper and in this match (where I think Jupp will make turnovers) you and other sites put Adler as keeper… Giefer used to play in Europa League even in more important matches than this (I refuse to think that we wuoldn’t pass…)… where is he?

  2. He has a injury, a abdominal muscle strain. Out for a few weeks!

  3. Giefer is back in training today!

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