Match Preview: Bundesliga, Fixture 32, 1.FC Cologne vs Bayer Leverkusen

Saturday 30/04/2011 @15:30 (GMT+2)

  • No alcohol allowed on premises near and in the RheinEnergie Stadium
  • The fans of the Werkself will be escorted by police from Cologne central train station to the entry gates of the visitors stands
  • Glass bottles have been prohibited during match day in trains circulating around Cologne and Leverkusen
  • The police will use special trained dogs to screen for pyrotechnic substances amongst fans 
  • Coach Jupp Heynckes has pledged that fans of both teams should take it easy tomorrow.  Emotions are okay but violence not.
  • 5.000 Bayer 04 Fans will support their team in the forbidden city. Cologne Fans will sing: “You will never win the German League”, and will receive these replies: “We have never been relegated/We are the Nr.1 at the Rhein”.

Yeah it’s Derby time! Cologne will want to avoid slipping further down near relegation positions and Leverkusen is determined to make the Champions League classification perfect and maybe look at a higher objective if Dortmund permits it.

Ballack will be very much in focus: not long ago he celebrated a victory against Schalke with “Scheiss FC Cologne” paroles. And most of you also probably remember Podolski’s slap in the face with the Nationalmannschaft.  Fans of the Werkself have made available online a Ballack Mask to wear for the game.  Enough for the newspaper Express to headline today: “5.000 Ballack’s will travel to Cologne”.

Frank Schäfer, coach of 1.FC Cologne, resigned this week.  His decision came after unsolvable disagreements with sports director Volker Finke, who will now coach the team till the end of the season.


Rolfes after a series of poor games could actually not make the starting line-up despite being captain.  Derdiyok will rotate back into the team. 

Line-up Cologne (from Kicker):
Rensing – Andrezinho,Geromel,Mohamad,Eichner – Lanig,Petit – Chihi,Jajalo,Podolski – Novakovic

Video uploaded by third party with no link to We assume no responsibility for it!

3 responses to “Match Preview: Bundesliga, Fixture 32, 1.FC Cologne vs Bayer Leverkusen

  1. Some considerations about the game:
    1) Rolfes out may be a good decision since his performance were really bad lately but his charisma and the fact that he wears the captain band may make him play better… Castro still out? I think he could play instead of Balitsch…
    2) maybe I’m an abnormal fan but I don’t hate Cologne after all… probably because it’s a feeling that you feel if you live there and I don’t.
    3) nice video, what’s the song that they sing between 1:00 and 1:10?
    I remembre that song in FIFA 2004, I used to play with Leverkusen (there was also the Bayarena!) and the fans sang always this song!! :’)
    4) Ballack mask! XD

    Forza Leverkusen, let’s win tomorrow!!!!

  2. 1) I think Castro’s times of side-back are over. He is better in midfield.
    The same applies for Schwaab, his future is the centre-back position.
    Btw: not really sure whether Hyypiä will play, I think in the latest Bayer 04 clip I saw Reinartz playing with the theoretical first team.
    2) I want to the Derby last season in Cologne. It was one of the best experiences I had visiting a match. There is so much hate going on. On my way back home I passed a bar and this drunk cologne fan kept on shouting: Hey Pilleater, get the fuck out of here! I
    just had to laugh 🙂
    3) We are the number 1 at the Rhein. If you click on the category Chants you will find a self-made video from the cologne derby I attended. There you can hear it also.
    4) It’s awesome 🙂

  3. Tai_Leverkusen

    What a game is coming!!!! It will be a before and after in the Bundesliga, winning could be classified directly to the Champions League, put pressure to Dortmund and make Cologne continues their way to the 2.Bundesliga. And if we lose…
    I don’t wanna think what would happen if we lose or tie.
    I wanna celebrate another victory in our derby. Go Leverkusen!!!
    PS: I want Ballack mask!!! xD

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