Kits 2011/12

Every year one of our 3 kits is redesigned.  This season we had the home kit taking an unusual Latin American touch (similar to River Plate Buenos Aires).  For 2011/12 it’s turn for our away kit.   The Bild newspaper confirmed the design that was leaked previously on Ebay.

Teldafax as shirt sponsor could cease too, the energy provider continues to have financial difficulties and is producing a lot of negative headlines in the German press.  According to an insider information we will sign a new sponsorship deal with the E-Plus Group, a German mobile network operator.  They have a range of products, as you can see on the right of the Group’s Website.  Any of these logos could appear on our shirt.

Home Kit

Away Kit *NEW*

Third Kit

9 responses to “Kits 2011/12

  1. the first jersey is very nice

  2. please tell me that the new one is not confirmed…
    it’s way worse than the one we have now!!
    I don’t like that band at all (what shitty color is it??)
    I still prefer the third (the home kit is beautiful but too dark in my opinion)

  3. Photo of the new away shirt is from an ebay offer. The guy has been right in the past and seems to be in Thailand/China where these kits are produced.

    I hate our present away kit, because the yellow stripes look like urine stains 🙂 So I can live with this new shirt.

    Anyways, we have seen this season in our away games that we very frequently wear the blue shirts. So maybe we will continue to ignore the away kit.

    Most clubs show their new shirts in the last games of the season. I doubt that we will see this new kit in Freiburg. Think we need to hold on to the blue for this important match 😉

    Even the Marketing people from Bayer 04 believe that the blue is our lucky shirt. “Jannes” from Bayer04-Forum made a design to replace the blue with a kit inspired by the colours of the Bayer AG (green-white-blue, we had that many years ago). He got an response from them, in which they basically said: “We should keep it blue, because it’s our lucky colour.” 🙂

    Btw: I am thinking of improving the blog for next season. Over the summer I will look for collaborators (Germans or frequent readers here). They could start off publishing side stories. For example: a complete photo collection our shirts over the years, help finding interesting videos and then move on with reviews on games/transfers. That way we have more updates on the blog.

    It’s very easy, they just need to register a wordpress account and be added by me as writers. I will review their contributions (translate it to the other language if needed) and then approve them to be posted on the blog. It doesn’t have to be a weekly thing, here and then a post.

    What do you think about this?

  4. Tai_Leverkusen

    It’s a good shirt, although I prefer the third shirt (the blue).

    It’s a good idea. Like the forum, but with the blog. I like it.

  5. Second one looks like women kit 😀
    I still have this one and i like it most

  6. Daniel I have that one too!!! it’s my favourite 🙂

    Good idea Pat, if you want I could help for an italian part of the blog (if you are interested in it), I would just translate what you write, I don’t know any bayer04 blog in italian so it could be interesting… 😉

    about the green-white-blue kit in the forum… my personal opinion: awful! there must be a reason if it was used only long time ago… 😉
    Yes, maybe we’ll keep on using the blue one as second, I’d like it 🙂
    Moreover, the blue kit reminds me of the 2001/02 season when we wore it against ManU etc. 🙂

    Looks like next year we’ll see many crappy kits… like the 3rd of juventus (pink with a black star O.o) or the 1st of Milan (with those tiny stripes… bah).
    And what about the new kit of Newcastle and Wolfsburg? :/
    If you are interested there is a good spanish site about kits:
    and also an italian site:

  7. @Luca

    Italian is very similar to Spanish, it wouldn’t make a huge difference, energies can be used more effective in adding content rather than another language. I also like to update the English & Spanish Blog at the same time, it would be more complicated when adding Italian too. It would require a lot of effort from your side, I think it’s better if here and then people can contribute a piece of information/article.

    If you look at the last months, there is just match preview & game reports because I just don’t have the time. I want to fill something in between. And of course if someone feels like adding a game report that’s cool too (but not easy). Match Preview will continue to be done 100% by me, because I need to translate the information/press conference.

    Anyways, after the season concludes I will open a topic where we can discuss improvements and contributions.

  8. thanks for another entertaining and informative season, mundilev, and, most importantly, thank you Bayer04 for seeing the season through to the end. good to be back in the Koenigsklasse!

    the idea of adding more writers is a great one, btw. i look forward to it!

  9. Thanks Eric!! Will be discussed in a few days on the blog! Need to check the options that WordPress offers to make this possible.

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