Friendly: Bonn Allstars vs Bayer Leverkusen 1:9

The Werkself won it’s first test game by 9:1.  Kiessling and Bellarabi each scored a Hattrick.  According to Fans watching the match, the central-defense especially Stefan Reinartz was overrun several times.

Coach Robin Dutt said this week, that signing a new centre-back could happen.  However he wants to wait and evaluate the situation properly over the next test games and training sessions.

Bayer 04 used in this friendly the same tactical formation as last season under Heynckes:


da Costa—Reinartz—Friedrich—-Oczipka




Toprak for Reinartz (46 min.)
Schwaab for Friedrich (46 min.)
Balitsch for Ballack (46 min.)
Castro for Bender (46 min.)
Vollborn for Giefer (65 min.)
Zenga for R.Augusto (65 min.)
Mentizis for Kiessling (65 min.)

0:1 Kiessling (11 min.)
0:2 Bellarabi (18 min.)
0:3 Sam (24 min.)
0:4 Bellarabi (35 min.)
0:5 Kiessling (42 min./penalty)
0:6 Kiessling (51 min.)
0:7 Bellarabi (58 min.)
1:7 Aydogmus (61 min.)
1:8 Balitsch (82 min.)
1:9 Mentizis (88 min.)

Video Highlights:

Karim Bellarabi

Fabrice Vollborn, our third goalkeeper?

Robin Dutt

More pictures @

Da Costa now forms part of the Bundesliga squad, he will no longer be involved with the youth team like last season.  I see him playing a lot of minutes under Dutt.

The other Bayer Youngster Fabrice Vollborn has good chances of becoming the third goalkeeper. If so, with only 18 years, the son of Bayer Legend Rüdiger Vollborn (Uefa-Cup Winner 1988), would automatically make himself with the goal of the second team.

5 responses to “Friendly: Bonn Allstars vs Bayer Leverkusen 1:9

  1. well, a victory is always a good start and I’m pleased to read that the defence played well.
    For what I saw in the video, Sam and Ballack seem to have played a good match also 🙂
    I think that da Costa and Oczipka will give their help this year, we won’t regret Vida 😉
    Why doesn’t Dutt try Steffen? He’s a ’92 who played with under 19 for the first part of the season and with Bayer II in the second part and scored lots of goals… could be an interesting player (even if I think it’s better for him to play at least another year with the second team or on loan).
    Anyway I’m confident about our youngsters: Oczipka, da Costa, Vollborn, Steffen and the under 17 Yesil and Aydin… I hope to see many of them in the first team in the future! 🙂

  2. Luca defense didn’t play well 🙂 Amateur players in some situations proved to be quicker and more agile than our defenders. .

    Could be also the hard preparation of the last week. But have the feeling that something will come.

    Latest rumour is Felipe Santana from Dortmund.

    Would love to see especially Yesil having some minutes. Van Gaal showed that throwing in talented young players like Thomas Müller and Badstuber can work out well. Would loan out Jorgensen so that Yesil has realistic chances to play here and then 🙂 This guy needs a professional contract as soon as possible, otherwise there is the risk that another team will steal him.

  3. Agh, I read bad! -.-
    so actually… it’s not a piece of news! 🙂 our defence is very often slower than the strikers…
    I said it many times (as you know) and I’m saying it again: we need a faster and more agile centre back.
    My personal experience: I play as centre back in a local football team, I’m 1,73 m. I usually play with a centre back who is taller and bigger than me.
    I take care of the smaller and faster striker, he follows the bigger one.
    End of the story.
    So why do we always buy giants??
    Felipe Santana is 194 cm!
    Bah, we’ll see…

  4. Yeah I guess that is a trend in the Bundesliga. Dortmund Hummels and Subotic are both over 1,90 m.

    I like the idea, but 1,73 m would be a hazard 🙂 1,80-85 m + 1,90 m that would go well.

    But at the end it’s just a few centimeters diference, I think more important is the player type. A German (rocky and stiff) with a Brazilian (more technical, more agile) should be a good match.

  5. -.- I’m not saying that we must buy a 1,70 m player but a 1,80-85 as you suggest could be better than another 1,94…
    Oh well, he can also be 2,05 m if you want but I’m just saying that he should be a little faster than our centre backs…

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