Blogging activity will resume again next week!

It has been problematic for me since the start of the season to find sufficient time and keep this blog updated as it deserves.

After a lot of reflection, I have decided to close down the Spanish side of this blog and the corresponding sections in the associated forum. 😦  With limited time available, it’s the only way to continue producing content.

Mundilev is still looking for contributors, so give me a shout-out if you interested in obtaining a contributor account + access to our internal contributor discussion board.

There are a lot of ideas currently being discussed behind the scene.  However, making them reality is not easy when you blogging/discussing Bayer and not Bayern.

But I am really happy to announce that Eric (@SchnixB04) will join us as writer.  Tai_Leverkusen made also his first steps with the review below on the performances of B04 players at their national teams.

Match Preview for Augsburg will be up on Wednesday/Thursday and then hopefully activity should resume as usual again.

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