Game Report: Bundesliga, Fixture 6, Bayer Leverkusen vs 1.FC Cologne 1:4

by Patrick1904

A pair of second-half goals from Lukas Podolski helped Cologne claim a 4-1 win at Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday, putting an end to Leverkusen’s four-game unbeaten streak.

The opening goal arrived shortly before halftime when Podolski helped start a move that resulted in Milivoje Novakovic tapping the ball into the net from close range. Podolski then found the back of the net himself with some help from Novakovic, whose pass left the Germany international with a close-range finish.

The lead was stretched to 3-0 when Podolski dashed past a defender and fired his shot into the corner goal before Mato Jajalo headed the ball against the crossbar for Cologne.

Simon Rolfes found the net for the home side 20 minutes from time, but Andre Schurrle was sent off in the 90th minute for Leverkusen and Jajalo added a fourth goal shortly before the final whistle.


I think Rudi Völler found the correct words to describe what happened yesterday:

“A lot of players did not comprehend, the importance of this Derby against Cologne. You can lose, but not in the way we played today. The team did not put any will power against them. Of course it was energy consuming to play against Chelsea during the week, but that’s why the coach introduced some changes in the line-up. Anyone who felt tired had the opportunity to let him know, hardly nobody did. We saw a bloodless performance, a step back into our worst times.”

On Schürrle’s red card: “Lukas Podolski committed a harsh foul without any motive against Schürrle in the first half. Not even a yellow did he receive. I thought it was worth a red card. I could therefore not understand the red against Schürrle near the end, it came out of nowhere.”

One of the reason why the Werkself had difficulties overcoming Cologne well organised defense was the slow ball movement and transition, it often took ages to get to their area.  A lot of balls were also played through the heavily crowded middle.  Simon Rolfes did explain the game plan at the conclusion of the match:

“Because of our Champions League match during the the week, we wanted to gain some control first and secure our back-lines. It was unfortunate to go behind a few minutes before half-time and then receive another goal so early in the second half. From then on it was very difficult because Cologne ran good counter-attacks.”

The team is already tired at this point of the season? Or how do I have to understand this game plan in front of our home crowd against a team that fights against relegation every year? Add to this, the big statements of coach and players before the Derby and you have prepared a cocktail of fan anger.

I could start talking again extensively about the defensive imbalance in our squad, but we all heard that more than enough and agree on it. Wolfgang Holzhäuser however has a different opinion, here an extract of his column in the stadium magazine for the Cologne match:

“It was not an easy start into the season for us, during the first five fixture we had to play against strong sides. After initial difficulties, the team has come together and is now presenting itself like a unit. Especially the often criticised and young defense stepped up. Robin Dutt did a good job in this area. The voices that demanded big signings have ceased to speak out. Anyways there is no guarantee that it would have helped us to perform better. Our trust in the squad has payed off well.”

Line-up: Bayer 04 vs Cologne

Substitutions Leverkusen
52 min. Kießling for Derdiyok
52 min. Sam for Ballack
80 min. Bellarabi for Schwaab

Substitutions Cologne
64 min. Lanig for Chihi
69 min. Eichner for Jemal
77 min. Clemens for Peszko

Red card: Schürrle (Leverkusen, 90 + 1 min.)

Yellow cards: Balitsch (Leverkusen); Peszko,Clemens,Rensing,Riether (all Cologne)

0:1 Novakovic (44 min.)
0:2 Podolski (47 min.)
0:3 Podolski (54 min.)
1:3 Rolfes (70 min.)
1:4 Jajalo (90 min.)

Statistics Leverkusen vs Cologne
Posession: 63 % vs 37 %
Shots: 15 vs 9
Fouls: 16 vs 18
Corners: 5 vs 0
Offsides: 6 vs 1
Distance covered (km): 115 vs 118

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Pyrotechnics as usual in the Cologne stands

No signs of Goatbusters yesterday on the pitch

Bayer 04 players knocked out

Heated discussion took place after the match between some players and front-line fans. Sidney Sam unfortunately had to hear some racial remarks from a supposed Bayer 04 fan

More pictures @


Dutt said to a local newspaper this weekend: “I expect that Rene won’t play a single game before the winter break.”

Big surprise! He was supposed to be back in mid October. His recovery will take longer as initially communicated by the club (3-4 months). Bild newspaper was right with their 6 months prediction.

Looking forward to your comments!

3 responses to “Game Report: Bundesliga, Fixture 6, Bayer Leverkusen vs 1.FC Cologne 1:4

  1. schnixb04

    Something that was said in the Lev chat forum stuck with me after this game. Namely, some fans are getting concerned that Dutt might not be the right man to lead this team. While I think some patience needs to be preached, I have to admit that I am slightly alarmed by some of his decisions that make it seem like he’s out of his element.

    Not to belabor the point, but saying at the beginning of the season that Ballack and Rolfes would never play together, and then playing them together in the last several games, makes Dutt look (at best) guilty of opening his mouth before all of the facts were in. Add to that what seems to be an inability to make the right substitution at the right time, and you have a developing picture of a trainer who may be out of his depth right now. It’s certainly the case that the jovial and loose relationship the team enjoyed with the trainer under Jupp Heynckes is no longer a reality under Dutt.

  2. Bayer04fanatic

    Podolski simply owned Leverkusen, that is all that needs to be said. 2 goals, 1 assist, and creation of the plays that led to all 4 Koeln goals.

    Take Podolski out and Bayer win 1-0.

  3. You can describe the match as Podolski vs Schuerrle fighting for their spot on the national team.
    Podolski had it easy once they went 1-0 ahead (the pass to Riether was though great). Our back lines stood high, easy match-up for him with the speed/accelaration he has.

    A bit more tempo of the Werkself from the beginning and either a 1-0 for us or no goals at half-time and we would have seen another match. The goal seconds before going into the changing rooms was the usual psychological hit that tears apart a normal team. This is what we are at the moment, either we play ok/well and make points or we play rubbish and lose. No comebacks so far If I remember right.

    @Schnix04: Yes criteria is missing from the coach. That really tears down credibility/respect. And as most fans say on the Internet he should just concentrate on teaching football to his players and not to the media. I can’t hear his big speeches anymore: “I`m a derby coach, I know of the importance of this game to the fans. We will win it bla bla..l”

    What’s very worrying is the amount of sent-offs. Kadlec and Schuerrle. But do not forget Schwaab’s red worthy tackle against Augsburg I think it was. This is an indication that something is not working fine.

    A draw in Munich and win against Genk will certainly relieve current pressure. Certainly possible. Anything below that and we have a real “Trainerdiskussion”

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