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Bayer 04 Classic Team defends FlexStrom Cup title

The Veterans did it again, just like in 2011 the Cup goes to Leverkusen.  The Werkself Squad was made up this year of the following players:

Daniel Galic, Sebastian Greif, Bernd Schneider, Boris Zivkovic, Marcus Feinbier, René Rydlewicz, Frank Germann, Jens Tschiedel, Carsten Baumann, Mario Tolkmitt, Markus Anfang and Mike Rietpietsch

The road to the final wasn’t easy, especially after losing the first match against Real Madrid clearly with 2:5.  But Schnix & Co got better as the tournament advanced and finished off with an astonishing 8:3 against Werder Bremen in the final.

Group A
Hertha BSC Berlin vs Werder Bremen 4:4
1. FC Union Berlin vs Werder Bremen 3:3
Hertha BSC Berlin vs 1. FC Union Berlin 4:3

1. Hertha BSC Berlin 4 Points (8:7 goals)
2. Werder Bremen 2 Points (7:7 goals)
3. 1. FC Union Berlin 1 Point (6:7 goals)

Group B
Bayer Leverkusen vs Real Madrid 2:5
Bayer Leverkusen vs Borussia Mönchengladbach 4:2
Real Madrid vs Borussia Mönchengladbach 7:4

1. Real Madrid 6 Points (12:6 goals)
2. Bayer Leverkusen 3 Points (6:7 goals)
3. Borussia Mönchengladbach 0 Points (6:11 goals)

Real Madrid vs Werder Bremen 3:4
Hertha BSC Berlin vs Bayer Leverkusen 2:5

Game for third place
Real Madrid vs Hertha BSC Berlin 3:5

Werder Bremen vs Bayer Leverkusen 3:8

MVP of the tournament: Dariusz Wosz (Hertha BSC Berlin)
Top goalscorer: Ruben de la Red (Real Madrid)

Enjoy the final including celebration below 😉

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First half

Second half + winner ceremony

FlexStrom Cup Winner 2012: Bayer Leverkusen


An exclusive interview with Kiess

Since his first game for Bayer Leverkusen in 2006, striker Stefan Kiessling has endeared himself to fans as a constant threat to score goals and a happy-go-lucky player whose work rate is without reproach. Kiess!, as you will hear fans scream/chant, is known as one of the hardest working forwards in the Bundesliga, and although his strike rate isn’t what it was two years ago, he remains, along with Andre Schuerrle and Eren Derdiyok, the focal point of the Leverkusen attack. A tireless runner with a (prominent) nose for goal, Kiessling took some time for us to answer some question from the Mundilev team (see proof here):

– 2009/2010 was your best season wearing the Bayer cross. The injury the following year really affected your performances. Can you talk about how you work through those high and low points?

Sometimes it is really difficult to deal with, but you can’t ever give up and you have to believe that you will come back!

– What are your thoughts on the most recent system development that emphasizes only one striker? In which areas do you need to improve in order to work within this new philosophy more effectively?

The system is fine, and it’s not only me who has to reconsider his new role, but also the rest of the team, which now has new responsibilities.

– What goes through your head when you hear the south terrace in the Signal Iduna Park begin to sing, “You will never be German Meister (champion)?” How do you react? With humor, indifference, or do you get angry? And is there really a 2nd place ghost in the BayArena locker room?

I don’t believe that this ghost exists, and I’m convinced that we will win the Meisterschaft (title) here in Leverkusen in the next couple of years. The songs from the opposing fans are part of the game and nobody takes them too seriously.

– Do you think that it’s unfair that you and today´s team are constantly reminded of the past, although you had very little to do with it? Rudi Voeller, Wolfgang Holzhaeuser and coach, Jupp Heynckes, had to keep reminding the press last season that for Leverkusen finishing second at that time was a great result for the current squad.

And that was a huge success of which we’re proud of!

– At the moment, things are going very well in the Champions League. Is there a big difference between Champions League and Bundesliga football, especially in terms of pressure and speed?

The pressure is greater because there are fewer games than in the Bundesliga, but it’s a lot of fun to play in the best league in Europe.

– Who was your football idol as a kid? Which player now really impresses you?

I never had an idol, but Messi is, of course, an exceptional player.

– Do you have any rituals before matches? Are you superstitious?

Actually, I am pretty superstitious and the rituals usually change from game to game 🙂

– You kiss the tattoo on your arm with your son’s name on it after every goal – do you also do this at other times during the day. For example, when you’ve successfully washed the dishes?

No, only after a goal.

– What season result would you immediately sign today?

For Bayer Leverkusen to finish second again!

– You’ve often said that you feel very comfortable in Leverkusen and that you could see yourself playing here until the end of your career. Is that really the case, or will you have a desire to move to Italy/Spain when you’re 33-34 in order to catch a little more sun?

I can enjoy the sun once I’ve retired. But in football you never know what tomorrow will bring. I do love it here, though, and could certainly see myself finishing my career here.

Lightning Round:

– With which part of the body do you enjoy scoring the most: Head, feet, leg, torso, hips?

The head

– Which song do you play most often on your MP3 player?

Summer of ’69 (Bryan Adams)

– How often do you go to the hairdresser?

Once a month

– What’s your favorite food?


– What are you currently playing on your Playstation/Xbox?

FIFA 2012

– Which team outside of Germany do you regularly follow?

No other team!


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Game Report: Bundesliga, Fixture 15, Bayer Leverkusen vs TSG Hoffenheim 2:0

Goals from Eren Derdiyok and Sidney Sam gave Bayer Leverkusen a routine 2-0 victory over Hoffenheim at the BayArena on Friday evening.

The Swiss striker gave the hosts an early lead, while his 23-year-old teammate ensured the three points 10 minutes from time.

The hosts had already tested Tom Starke twice through Andre Schurrle and Eren Derdiyok, before the latter put his side into the lead after just 11 minutes. A long-range strike from Schurrle found its way to Derdiyok, who continued his good form by heading his team ahead.

Eager to strike back quickly, Gylfi Sigurdsson sent in an effort from distance, but the Icelandic international’s shot was too high and left Bernd Leno untested.

The visitors failed to trouble the young German goalkeeper for the rest of the first half, and failed to come out for the second half with any sort of attacking threat.

As the match wore on, Sam, who had earlier missed a great chance, latched on Stefan Kiessling’s flick-on to send a fantastic lob over Starke and ensure his side emerged with all three points.

Bastian Oczipka missed a great opportunity to make it three just minutes after coming off the bench, while Leno was forced into an impressive save by Marvin Compper in the dying minutes – but in the end the score remained 2-0.

This results sees Leverkusen remain in sixth, level on points with fifth-placed Schalke. Meanwhile, Hoffenheim slips to 10th.


Line-up: Leverkusen (bottom) vs Hoffenheim (top)

Substitutions Leverkusen
68 min. Rolfes for Derdiyok
73 min. Reinartz for Ballack
85 min. Oczipka for Sam

Substitutions Hoffenheim
59 min. Musona for Johnson
73 min. Ibisevic for Mlapa
80 min. Schipplock for Sigurdsson

Yellow cards: Castro and Derdiyok (both Leverkusen); Babel and Salihovic (both Hoffenheim)

1:0 Derdiyok (10 min.)
2:0 Sam (79 min.)

Statistics Leverkusen vs Hoffenheim
Posession: 51 % vs 49 %
Shots: 11 vs 6
Fouls: 14 vs 30
Corners: 4 vs 7
Offsides: 3 vs 6
Distance covered (km): 116 vs 114

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or here>> Recap  First Half + Second Half

Lenomenal is staying with us for good

Ballack best friend

Sam celebrating his goal with Kiessling

M.Friedrich post-game: WTF?

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The Neverkusen Podcast, a new project

It has been a plan for a quite while and we finally managed to spit out our first episode yesterday.

Looking forward to your comments on the new site:

We will continue blogging here, as best as we can

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Game Report: Bundesliga, Fixture 13, 1.FC Kaiserslautern vs Bayer Leverkusen 0:2

Yesterday win was balm on our wounds, just like the other two Friday matches this season (victories against Augsburg and Freiburg, also both away).

Coach Robin Dutt had to leave Schürrle out due to a flu.  Sidney Sam therefore moved left and Castro played on his right wing making place for Reinartz in defensive midfield.

While in the first half, highlights for both teams were hard to spot: only Ballack’s distance shots and the lack of order in our defense brought some action in the initial minutes, it was in the second half when the game picked up in speed and quality.

Bender’s attempt from 30 metres woke up the Werkself right after the break.  A few minutes later Ballack received a ball by Sam, moved inside towards the middle of the area and shot directly at Trapp, who let the ball drop into his own net to establish our 0-1 lead (54 min.).

Kaiserslautern consequently had to open up and answered by producing some danger in the proximity of Leno’s goal but the young goalkeeper was never in need of putting on an epic display like in previous weeks.

A well played counter-attack through Bender and Sam set up the final score (70 min.). Both ex-Kaiserlautern players: Ballack and Sam had decided the match in favour of the Werkself of 1904.

Read also Bundesliga Fanatic Analysis: Link

I must say that Dutt´s latest decisions are pleasing me:

  • Reinartz career as centre-back could be finally over, only position where he can work out is as defensive midfielder. Stefan had good numbers yesterday, considering the tough time he had against Valencia: Distance covered 11Km, 65 touches on ball (most for Leverkusen player) and 44 successful passes (second best of the Bayer team)
  • Ballack is slipping more and more into the leader role, like Rolfes never did. Simon has been in poor form lately and preferred this week again to talk to the press about how he was not comfortable with the coach´s methods than focusing on getting back into the team.  Despite that Ballack scored a goal yesterday, he had a lot of ball losses (18) and his pressure on the ball leading man of the opponent continues to have room for improvement.
  • Manuel Friedrich is not only the clown of the team, he has made himself with a place next to Toprak.  Probably the best option we have at the moment in the squad, although I’m more fan of right-back Schwaab in that position.
  • Robin Dutt was quoted in a Kicker Interview with a smile to the question if new signings would come in the winter-break.  Let’s hope for the best!

The Werkself however continues to suffer from a general lack of confidence which you could appreciate very well in the first half. Players are careful to not commit a mistake: often instead on taking on a rival and out-dribbling him, the easy pass back is the resource used. Once the team goes ahead, the short pass game reaches it’s best momentum: looking for the gap in the rival’s defense with a quick transition from defense into attack. I´m pretty sure that a goal by Kaiserslautern yesterday would have made us show nerves again. We need to build up some confidence, the upcoming Bundesliga match plan is good for that, but unfortunately Chelsea is in the way on Wednesday.

Line-up: Kaiserslautern (top) vs Leverkusen (bottom)

Substitutions Kaiserslautern
62 min. Shechter for Kirch
76 min. Sukuta-Pasu for Sahan
76 min. Nemec for Petsos

Substitutions Leverkusen
77 min. Rolfes for Reinartz
88 min. Derdiyok for Kießling
90 min. Oczipka for Castro

Yellow Cards: Dick (Kaiserslautern); Castro (Leverkusen)

0:1 Ballack (54 min.)
0:2 Sam (70 min.)

Statistics Kaiserslautern vs Leverkusen
Posession: 46 % vs 54 %
Shots: 14 vs 15
Fouls: 14 vs 17
Corners: 8 vs 2
Offsides: 7 vs 0
Distance covered (km): 120 vs 124

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or here >>

Poll result: How will the Hinrunde (1st half of the season) end for Bayer 04?

  • Top of the table 0% (0 votes)
  • Champions League Spot 23.08% (3 votes)
  • Europa League Spot 53.85% (7 votes)
  • Above 10th position 23.08% (3 votes)
  • 10th to 15th place 0% (0 votes)
  • Relegation positions 0% (0 votes)

Good to see that some still believe in a Champions League spot (Position 1 to 4) by winter. Anything below Europa League would be a huge deception, I think we all agree on that.


Suggestion for future polls are always welcomed.  Just comment on this post.

Game Report: Bundesliga, Fixture 12, Bayer Leverkusen vs Hamburg SV 2:2

Hamburg overcame a 2-0 deficit to earn a respectable 2-2 draw with Bayer Leverkusen in their Bundesliga clash at the BayArena.

A deflected free kick from Andre Schurrle and a close range strike by Lars Bender sent the home side two goals up after 20 minutes, but Heiko Westermann’s header sent the match into halftime on a knife’s edge. Marcell Jansen equalized for the visitors in the 58th minute, and despite late chances, neither side could go on to claim all three points.

The home side broke the deadlock after only five minutes through Schurrle. The Germany international lined up a free kick some 30 yards from goal, but it was a deflection off Dennis Diekmeier that took it past Jaroslav Drobny in the Hamburg net.

Leverkusen was dominant, and Bender showed great skill to turn Michael Macciene inside out near the right byline, but Schurrle’s effort from his cutback was blocked. From the resulting corner, Simon Rolfes came within inches of guiding the ball home from inside the six-yard area.

Dutt’s men were not to be denied a second, and got it in the 20th minute through a close range finish from Lars Bender. Michael Ballack’s drive from outside the box was deflected into the path of Schurrle on the left flank, who crossed for the onrushing Bender to volley home from a few yards out.

Hamburg was under severe pressure, and almost conceded a third after Schurrle beat the onrushing Drobny to a through ball, but his weak prod towards goal was cleared off the line by Diekmeier.

However, despite its offensive dominance, it was a lackluster piece of defending by Leverkusen that allowed the visiting side back into the game in the 34th minute. Dennis Aogo’s free kick went completely unchallenged by any defenders in the area, allowing the unmarked Westermann to head home from close range.

The goal sparked HSV into life, and the team kept Leverkusen under pressure for the rest of the half, spurning a few good chances to draw level. Gokhan Tore fired over from inside the box, before Jansen had had a goal correctly chalked off for offside as the first half ended to the relief of Leverkusen.

The second half unfolded at a slower pace, but the visiting team managed to level matters in the 58th minute with a well worked goal. Tore hit a brilliant lofted through-ball into the path of Jansen, who volleyed his finish expertly into the far corner.

With the match now up for grabs, both teams looked to attack with renewed vigor. Jose Guerrero scuffed a good chance into the arms of Leno, before Schurrle blasted over the bar after another good feed by Bender with 20 minutes remaining.

The German had an even better chance to put his side in front a few minutes later after Stefan Kiessling capitalized on Gojko Kacar’s sloppiness in possession to put him clean through on goal, but he could only place his finish disappointingly wide of the far post.

There were nervy moments for both sides as the game moved towards the end, and Guerrero planted a header high and wide from a great position inside the area. Neither side could be separated, and a draw was perhaps a fair result.

Hamburg moves into 17th place with 10 points, and is still mired in the relegation zone. Meanwhile, Leverkusen is in seventh spot with 18 points, seven behind leader Bayern Munich.


Bundesliga Fanatic Analysis: Link

Line-up: Leverkusen (bottom) vs Hamburg (top)

Substitutions Leverkusen
46 min. Reinartz for Sam
63 min. Derdiyok for Rolfes

Substitutions Hamburg
79 min. Tesche for Kacar
82 min. Jarolim for Töre
89 min. Skjelbred for Son

Yellow Cards: Derdiyok and Reinartz (both Leverkusen); Rincon (Hamburg)

1:0 Schürrle (5 min.)
2:0 L. Bender (20 min.)
2:1 Westermann (34 min.)
2:2 Jansen (57 min.)

Statistics Leverkusen vs Hamburg
Posession: 49 % vs 51 %
Shots: 15 vs 14
Fouls: 20 vs 17
Corners: 5 vs 4
Offsides: 2 vs 4
Distance covered (km): 119 vs 111

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Brian the Lion

Sorry, but we are not rocking the world at the moment

Postgame frustration

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