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Blogging activity will resume again next week!

It has been problematic for me since the start of the season to find sufficient time and keep this blog updated as it deserves.

After a lot of reflection, I have decided to close down the Spanish side of this blog and the corresponding sections in the associated forum. 😦  With limited time available, it’s the only way to continue producing content.

Mundilev is still looking for contributors, so give me a shout-out if you interested in obtaining a contributor account + access to our internal contributor discussion board.

There are a lot of ideas currently being discussed behind the scene.  However, making them reality is not easy when you blogging/discussing Bayer and not Bayern.

But I am really happy to announce that Eric (@SchnixB04) will join us as writer.  Tai_Leverkusen made also his first steps with the review below on the performances of B04 players at their national teams.

Match Preview for Augsburg will be up on Wednesday/Thursday and then hopefully activity should resume as usual again.


Contribute to Mundilev

As already mentioned a few weeks ago, I would like to improve the blog by adding more writers.

You can start off easy for example with submitting:

  • Videos you find interesting to other readers
  • Overview on the international performances of our players whenever there is a break for the national teams
  • News on performances of our loaned out players
  • Review on team statistics
  • New Polls

To then move if you like into Game Reports, Game Previews, Reviewing a particular Bayer 04 season, Opinion Column etc etc.

If you want to give it a shot, comment below or send me an email to

I am not expecting weekly posts, but 2-3 posts a month should be minimum to make the most out of it.

How will it work? I will send you a WordPress invitation and after sign-up you will be allowed to submit posts for this blog. They will be reviewed by myself to then go online. English or Spanish will do, I will take care of the rest.


It would also be nice if we could add some activity to the forum next season.  Especially Discussions 😉

I want to thank everyone for a great first year that exceeded my expectations.  This has grown with the support and help of everyone!

Ballack, Transfer situation & Forum

-Michael Ballack has been back in team training this week. 

-Jupp Heynckes is quoted today in the German Press: “There will be no transfers in the winter”.  I wouldn’t take that for granted.  In my opinion, the Hosogai transfer will be announced in the next days.  It’s a legal matter (Japanese documents) that is probably delaying his arrival to Germany.  He will be loaned out as already mentioned earlier.  A centre-back is also a must and Heynckes is making his contract extension dependant on that.  Just imagine what will be the situation if 2 centre-backs are injured/suspended in an important match in the Europa League.  Every position needs to covered by two players, we have only 3 players for 2 centre-back positions.  Not enough for a top-team! has moved to (previous registered user accounts are maintained).  The Admins have really put in a lot of effort and the result is great.  There are already over 40 registered users and it will continue to grow.  If you need help in joining, just comment below. When you press “Registrieren”, you can choose the language on the top right corner 😉

Mundilev Forum shifted to

Given that I am not sure whether I can maintain the quality of the blog and forum in the future when I move next week to Asia,  I have approached and asked them whether it would be possible to shift the present Mundilev Forum over to theirs.  They have agreed to this. is a new discussion platform for Leverkusen Fans.  You will now have the chance to discuss on the Werkself performances with German Fans and continue to enjoy the same areas you had within the Mundilev Forum (will be taken down in the next days).

So sign up, if you want to experience the above!  Please try to collaborate on keeping the international forum updated with information.  We can really build something here with the support of the German fanbase. 

I go under the name of “bigbosscalli”.  See you around! 😉

Here a Readme on how this Forum is set up >>

To register click “Registrieren” on the top right corner, you can then change the language to British English under “Sprache” to make the registration process easier.  The English/Spanish speaking area is located in the category “Fancorner” under the name “Bayer Fans WORLDWIDE”.

Mundilev Forum

Here is the new forum: /

I will no longer update the press section/transfer gossip section on this blog. Those pages will be removed in the next days. The sections will be shifted to the forum, so that others users can help me with it.

If you want the full Mundilev experience I advise you to join us there. You will have to indicate your nickname and email address and then activate your account with the automatic email that you will receive. That takes 2 minutes!

There are rules and suggestions posted in the forum to guide you. It’s very straightforward.  If you have questions/suggestions there is sticky Thread where you can post them.  

I have registered as Pat83 and will try to behave as any other user (forum neutrality). Hopefully I will not have to use my Admin Account to react to any negative developments. Let’s make out of this forum a valuable resource to every Bayer 04 Fan around the world!