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Game Report: DFB Pokal, 2nd Round, Borussia Mönchengladbach vs Bayer Leverkusen 1:1 (6:5 after penalties)

The same story as last year! We are out of this competition in the 2nd Round! Just one subtle difference we reached this time the penalty shootout. But this was more luck than anything else.

Jupp Heynckes decided to go into the match with the standard tactical formation of last season with Helmes and Derdiyok in attack. Rolfes was left on the bench and Balitsch played on the left wing in a position that is not known to him.

Borussia Mönchengladbach showed no respect right from the start and could have easily gone 2:0 in front after 22 minutes. An inspiring Adler kept us in the game by saving 1 on 1 situations against Idrissou and Bobadilla.

We then slowly took command of the match and showed decent offensive football. Mönchengladbach continued to have good scoring opportunities with quick played attacks after our ball losses. It became an open game with a lot of chances on both sides and with no team managing to score. This did not change when Leverkusen received a penalty in the 63rd minute. It was Helmes who was fouled and missed the following penalty.

In the 90th minute Mönchengladbach could have also received a penalty. The referee in a centimeter decision gave a free-kick which Daems luckily missed.

In the first half of extra-time both teams played very cautious and the match for instances cooled down. The second half was then more like what we saw previously during the 90 minutes. But this time with goals! Derdiyok put us ahead and Idrissou less than 2 minutes later equalled to 1:1. To top it off 8 minutes before the end of extra-time Mönchengladbach’s de Camargo could have decided the encounter in a counter-attack but his intent luckily hit the crossbar after Adler’s intervention.

In the following penalty shootout Adler proved once again that he is not a penalty stopper (no complain here, without him the match would have been over after 20 minutes or extra-time) and the coach committed a huge mistake by letting Helmes take another penalty.

I could have extended the above narration but it would have taken up a lot of space. Too much happened at both end of the areas.

Apart that Helmes should never have taken the penalty later in the shootout, what surprised me was that he took the first one.  He declared after the match that he is in charge of this set piece. Whether this is true I cannot say. All previous penalties this season were shot by Vidal (not including Ballack’s disputed one) and happened when Helmes was off the pitch. However you can see in the video, that he signalises to the Chilean that he wants to take the penalty. The coach needs to take a clear decision: “You are shooting the penalties until you miss one. No discussion!” and make it public.

What I did not like as usual is our defense. Mönchengladbach is currently ranked 17th in the Bundesliga, how can we as a team that wants to fight for the top spots show such weakness in defense?

-After the first 20 minutes: Mönchengladbach could have gone ahead 2-0 in the scoreboard. I doubt that we would have recovered from this shock.
at the end of regular time: we committed a foul centimetres away from the area and gave Mönchengladbach a last-minute chance to win (on a bad day the referee gives a penalty).
-we went ahead 1:0 and received a goal less than 2 minutes later
near the end of extra time: we ran into a counter-attack in which de Camargo only hit the crossbar thanks to our goalkeeper.

Offensively we improved yesterday but at the price of defense which was back at 3:6 level shown in the 2nd fixture of the Bundesliga. That we only saw a 1:1 after 120 minutes is a miracle made possible by the goalkeepers.

Despite playing with 2 strikers we failed to score a goal in the first 90 minutes against Mönchengladbach. Every other team so far this season managed to score:

DFB Pokal 1.Round: FC Erzgebirge Aue – Borussia M’gladbach 1:3
BL, Fixture 1: Borussia M’gladbach – 1. FC Nürnberg 1:1
BL, Fixture 2: Bayer Leverkusen – Borussia M’gladbach 3:6
BL, Fixture 3: Borussia M’gladbach – Eintracht Frankfurt 0:4
BL, Fixture 4: VfB Stuttgart – Borussia M’gladbach 7:0
BL, Fixture 5: Borussia M’gladbach – FC St. Pauli 1:2
BL, Fixture 6: FC Schalke 04 – Borussia M’gladbach 2:2
BL, Fixture 7: Fixture: Borussia M’gladbach – VfL Wolfsburg 1:1
BL, Fixture 8: 1899 Hoffenheim – Borussia M’gladbach 3:2
BL, Fixture 9: Borussia M’gladbach – SV Werder Bremen 1:4

What in my eyes was very interesting to see is that Mönchengladbach wings (Arango and Idrissou) played often in central positions together with Bobadilla. They created a numeric superiority between the centre-backs and our defensive midfielders who in attack mode were meters away from them. After ball losses Mönchengladbach switched quickly to attack with Reus as leading man giving passes into free space.  Reinartz was especially pressured to make him commit mistakes.

You should expect that by now every Bundesliga coach knows how to harm our team. That’s what coach Frontzeck did yesterday!

I am still the opinion that we cannot play as open as last season. Hyypiä injury is putting us into even further problems than we already had before. I think time has come to stop “experiment Reinartz” and look for other solutions: Balitsch, Schwaab and Kadlec are candidates that could play this position. Reinartz should be moved back to defensive midfield and play the role during our most successful week of football (Stuttgart,Atletico, Bremen) that means staying back at all times closing the gap between defense and midfield. In front of him Rolfes and Vidal, the 2 wingers and the only striker.

Line-up: Borussia Mönchengladbach (bottom) vs Leverkusen (top)

Substitutions Mönchengladbach
71 min. de Camargo for Bobadilla

Substitutions Leverkusen
100 min. Rolfes for L. Bender
100 min. Jørgensen for Balitsch
103 min. Sam for Barnetta

Yellow cards: Reus (Mönchengladbach); Vidal, Helmes, Reinartz (all Leverkusen)

0:1 Derdiyok (107 min.)
1:1 Idrissou (109 min.)

Penalty shootout:
-0:1 Vidal
-1:1 Marx
-1:2 Rolfes
-2:2 de Camargo
-Helmes misses penalty
-3:2 Idrissou
-3:3 Derdiyok
-4:3 Bradley
-4:4 Kadlec
-5:4 Daems

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or here:

"Stadion im Borussia-Park"

All was good....

That changed 70-90 seconds later

More pictures >>

Our coach Heynckes and Rudi Völler blamed yesterday’s defeat on bad luck 🙂

Sorry but that was “flip-a-coin football” we saw yesterday. The players and the coach are responsible for this defeat not the evil football god.

That Dortmund, Bremen, Hamburg, Mainz, St.Pauli, Freiburg and Hannover (all 1.Bundesliga) have also been eliminated in the 1st and 2nd Round could help as consolation. For me we missed a big opportunity to achieve something in the DFB-Pokal with so many strong teams out. We should take this competition more seriously, look at these stats:

Season 2004/05 = Round 2 – Niederlage Bremen
Season 2005/06 = Round 2 – lost to Hamburg
Season 2006/07 = Round 2 – lost to Duisburg
Season 2007/08 = Round 1 – lost to St. Pauli
Season 2008/09 = Final – lost to Bremen
Season 2009/10 = Round 2 – lost to Kaiserslautern
Season 2010/11 = Round 2 – lost to Gladbach

I am interested in your point of view! Please comment below!


Match Preview: DFB Pokal, 2nd Round, Borussia Mönchengladbach vs Bayer Leverkusen

Wednesday, 27.10.2010, 20:30 (GMT+2)

You would expect that after our defeat on Sunday, the press conference prior to the DFB Pokal game would be filled with questions regarding line-up, tactical formation and our poor results at home.  However the video clip on shows mainly statements/questions on Heynckes and his feelings for Mönchengladbach (he was coach & player there), his friendship to coach Michael Frontzeck and that our opponent should not be measured by it’s latest results.  Here the only few interesting bits:

Question: Does the 3:6 still play a role in how Bayer 04 will go into this match?

Heynckes: No that game was 2 months ago.  It should play no role.  But for them it was probably negative to have won in such way at the BayArena.  The press started to compare the current team with past legends and the successful era of Mönchengladbach.  This could have been one of the reason for their bad results in the Bundesliga. 
It’s a cup game tomorrow, so both teams will fight to advance by whatever means to the next round.  The Pokal has its own rules and is totally independent from the performance in the league.

Question: How are the energy reserves of your team?  There have been a lot of games lately…

Heynckes: I requested for this season a broad squad to play 3 competitions.  But no one could expect that we would have 5 long-term injuries at the same time.  It’s normal that 2-3 players are injured here and then.  Most of the injured players will miss the 1st part of the season.  Gonzalo Castro and Renato Augusto could reappear before.  My team needs to learn to play 3 competitions. I think Sunday’s defeat wasn’t because that we lacked energy or freshness.  Of course, the long trips do not help but we also failed to play more economically in certain phases of the game.    Anyways they are all professional players and have to be prepared to play every 3-4 days.

Hyypiä & Renato Augusto

Officially Bayer 04 has only confirmed  that Sami Hyypiä will be out “several weeks”.  Bild speculates on 6 weeks.  Other medical sites say 8 to 12 weeks for this kind of injury.  The coach implicitly says above that he will not return before the winter-break!

While on Gonzalo Castro he sounded positive, his voice kind of changed when he mentioned Renato Augusto.  He is a big question mark.  All that is known is that he sprained his ligaments in Madrid and left to Brazil to treat his injury with his personal doctor.  He was supposed to return a week ago, no information has appeared since then.  A sprained ankle does not explain such a long absence.


A defeat can always bring changes to the line-up or tactical formation.  Derdiyok and Helmes declared yesterday in Express (see Press Section in Forum) that they have problems playing alone in attack. 

So it’s not an easy job to predict a line-up for tomorrow.  I speculate that:

-We will continue playing with one striker.
-There will be changes in the line-up: Vida and Jørgensen are likely candidates to come in.

It is also very possible that the coach will use Vidal in offensive mode to give the team a bit more dynamism in attack.  It is not clear whether Rolfes will play again from the beginning, if he doesn’t play it would be a logical step to let the Chilean play more offensive.

Line-up of Kölner Stadt Anzeiger (local newspaper)

Leverkusen: Adler – Schwaab,Friedrich,Reinartz,Kadlec – Vidal,Bender – Sam,Rolfes,Barnetta – Helmes

Mönchengladbach: Heimeroth – Levels,Brouwers,Anderson,Daems – Marx,Bradley – Arango,Idrissou – Reus,Bobadilla

Our opponent will change goalkeeper for this match after their bad results in the Bundesliga.  Heimeroth will play instead of Bailly.

Winning tomorrow and the 4 matches that follow in this competition, would make us champions of the DFB-Pokal 2010/11.  It’s that easy!  Another defeat would hit us hard with Schalke 04 around the corner. 

DFB-Pokal Draw 2nd Round


Bayer Leverkusen will play in the 2nd Round of the DFB-Pokal against Borussia Mönchengladbach .  Not a very good draw for Bayer 04 as we have to play away and against a good Bundesliga team. 

The 2nd Round of the DFB-Pokal will take place on the 26 and 27th of October:

TuS Koblenz – Hertha BSC Berlin    
Kickers Offenbach – Borussia Dortmund    
SV Elversberg – 1. FC Nürnberg     
Chemnitzer FC – VfB Stuttgart  
Hallescher FC – MSV Duisburg    
FSV Frankfurt – Schalke 04    
Eintracht Frankfurt – Hamburger SV     
1. FC Köln – 1860 München    
Energie Cottbus – SC Freiburg     
SpVgg Greuther Fürth – FC Augsburg   
Bor. Mönchengladbach – Bayer Leverkusen    
1899 Hoffenheim – FC Ingolstadt    
SC Victoria Hamburg – VfL Wolfsburg    
Alemannia Aachen – FSV Mainz 05    
Bayern München – Werder Bremen  
1. FC Kaiserslautern – Arminia Bielefeld

Game Report: DFB Pokal 1st Round, FK Pirmasens vs Bayer Leverkusen 1:11

Bayer Leverkusen won the first game of the season against FK Pirmasens.  The first half wasn’t brilliant, we played very slow and Pirmasens had a few chances.  Before the end of the first half Kiessling scored.  In the second half, Bayer 04 came out very determined and scored soon the 2:0 by Patrick Helmes.  

From then on, Pirmasens disappeared totally, and Bayer 04 scored, scored and scored.  There was no opponent on the pitch, here are the stats:  

FK Pirmasens Line-up:  

Steigelmann – Ernst,Kuhl,Gornik,Graf – Reich,Ellermann,Baum,Mayer – Novic,Preuß  

58. Hoffmann for Ernst
65. Rekus for Mayer
76. Kuhnhardt for Graf  


Coach: Guster  

Bayer Leverkusen Line-up:  

Adler – Schwaab,M.Friedrich,Hyypiä,Castro – Vidal,Reinartz – Renato Augusto,Sam – Helmes,Kießling  

46. L. Bender for Hyypiä
68. Kadlec for Castro
68. Derdiyok for Helmes  

Fernandez (goalkeeper), Barnetta, Kaplan, Balitsch  

Coach: Heynckes  

Yellow Cards: S. Reich (Pirmasens), Reinartz (Leverkusen)  

0:1 Kießling (36.min)
0:2 Helmes (46.min)
0:3 Helmes (58.min)
0:4 Kießling (60.min)
0:5 Renato Augusto (62.min)
0:6 Helmes (64.min)
0:7 Sam (67.min)
1:7 S. Reich (70.min)
1:8 Derdiyok (84.min)
1:9 Vidal (87.min, Penalty)
1:10 Sam (88.min)
1:11 Derdiyok (90.min)  

Hyypiä had to be substituted during half-time due to a knee injury, there are no informations yet whether it’s a a serious injury or just a precaution.  

Video uploaded by third party with no link to  We assume no responsibility for it!  


 Photos of the game:  

Arturo Vidal during warm-up

Hyypiä receiving treatment

Helmes in great shape and form

 More available at (under “Fotos”)

Match Preview: DFB Pokal 1st Round FK Pirmasens vs Bayer 04


The season for Bayer 04 kicks off on Saturday at 15:30 with Leverkusen playing against the Oberliga (5.Division) Team, FK Pirmasens.  Jupp Heynckes in the Press Conference on Thursday gave clues about who will play on Saturday, the line-up could be as follows:

FK Pirmasens: Steigelmann – Buchmann, Kuhl, Graf, Gornik – Braun – Fest, Ellermann, Reich – Novic, Preuß
Bayer 04: Adler – Schwaab, Friedrich, Hyypiä, Castro – Vidal, Reinartz – Renato Augusto, Barnetta – Kießling, Helmes

We would play our usual 4-2-2-2 Formation.

Heynckes made clear that this year, Bayer 04 should do better in the German Cup:  “We travel to Pirmasens with big ambitions, this season we want to stay longer in this competition.  I am confident that my team will take this match seriously.”

The game will not be shown exclusively on TV, only a DFB-Pokal Conference (mix of matches) will be available. 

On Saturday I will publish a guide of how to follow the games of Bayer Leverkusen through the Internet.  There are a lot of Websites that offer live video streaming, I will list them in my order of preference.  If you can´t follow a game, you will have the opportunity to see the goals afterwards on my blog (if I find them on the internet).  Pictures from all games will also be available on the blog with courtesy of

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