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Bayer 04 Tactics Preview 2010/11


When Heynckes arrived last season at Leverkusen he established a 4-2-2-2 System, we have played this formation over most of last season, especially with the following players on each position:


Schwaab—-Friedrich—-Hyypiä—-Castro (Kadlec)




With the new Signings and Helmes back on top form, this could change to:


Vidal (Schwaab)——-Friedrich——–Hyypiä———-Castro

——————Ballack————Reinartz (Rolfes)————-

Renato Augusto———————————–Barnetta (Sam)

——-Helmes (Derdiyok)—————–Kiessling————–

A lot of Fans would like to see Reinartz in Central Defense for Friedrich, but I don´t see that happening at the beginning of the Season, as Friedrich is the Vice-Captain and with Rolfes injury he is likely to play as Captain.

Heynckes wants to rotate players, he said in the German Press: “a rotation of 3 players per game is possible..”  I am looking forward to see how that is going to work.

In this Pre-Season, we have played also some games in a 4-2-3-1 Formation.  This is very new to Leverkusen and was adopted by many teams at the World Cup.

A possible line-up for this formation would be as follows:


Schwaab (Vidal)—–Friedrich———Hyypiä—–Castro (Kadlec)

—————Vidal (Rolfes)—————-Reinartz——————–

Renato Augusto (Kiessling)———–Ballack————Barnetta

——————————-Kiessling (Helmes)—————————

I will come back to Tactics once the Season has kicked off and Heynckes has shown his cards.

Which system do you prefer? Would you like to see Reinartz instead of Friedrich? Post your formations!