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Friendly: Club Bruges vs Bayer Leverkusen 2:1

The first defeat in this pre-season for Bayer 04 and Robin Dutt!  Sidney Sam scored a late 1:1 equalizer.  But Bruges converted a free kick in stoppage time.

Leverkusen were dire in the first half playing an unusual 4-3-1-2/4-1-2-1-2, Schürrle (missed a penalty) and Sam injected some purpose after the break.

Kadlec (62 min. da Costa)
Ballack (46 min. Barnetta)
Bender (62 min. Toprak)
Rolfes (46 min. Castro)
Renato Augusto (46 min. Sam),
Kiessling (62 min. Bellarabi)
Derdiyok (46 min. Schürrle)

1:0 Odjidja Ofoe (35 min.)
1:1 Sam (90 min.)
2:1 Odjidja Ofoe (90+ min.)

Video Highlights:


Friendly: Bayer Leverkusen vs Glasgow Rangers 2:0

Leverkusen won 2:0 against the Glasgow Rangers in Telgte, the goals were scored by Barnetta and Ballack.

Hanno Balitsch started as captain, while Michael Ballack took the lead in the 2nd half.  It was a surprise that the reelected Rolfes did not receive the armband when he came in with one hour played.

Barnetta and Schürrle produced a lot of opportunities on the wings for the Werkelf.  The new goalkeeper Yelldell did show some minor insecurities over his 90 minutes spin.  It will be interesting to see how Dutt reacts to Adler’s injury.  I would let Yelldell play the German Cup games and Giefer both Bundesliga and Champions League.  The young german goalkeeper is talented and needs every chance to grow.

Schwaab missed yesterday’s friendly, as he still is suffering from some minor muscular inconveniences that arose in the training camp in Austria.  Why Bastian Oczipka was not called up is not known.

Robin Dutt after the game

“This was probably our best game in this pre-season and better than against Salzburg as the opponent was much stronger today. The only negative aspect was that we should have made more out of our chances. But I am very satisfied, especially about our ball recovery, management of possessions and superiority in the air. It was also positive that despite many substitutions, we kept our organization.”


Ballack for Balitsch (46 min.)
Sam for Schürrle (46 min.)
Kießling for Derdiyok (46 min.)
Rolfes for Renato (61 min.)
M.Friedrich for Reinartz (66 min.)
Da Costa for Bender (76 min.)
Jørgensen for Castro (76 min.)

1:0 Barnetta (13 min.)
2:0 Ballack (78 min. penalty)

Video Highlights:

Champions League Flair in Telgte, population: 19.000

Takko Stadium in Telgte

David Yelldell

Capitano Ballack

More photos @


Results of election for captaincy 2011/12:

1st Captain: Simon Rolfes
2nd Captain: René Adler
Player’s council: The above mentioned + Michael Ballack,Manuel Friedrich and Hanno Balitsch

Friendly: Bayer Leverkusen vs 1860 Munich 0:0

The last friendly during the 10-day training camp in Zillertal ended without goals.  1860 Munich proved to be superior in the first half, only in the second 45 minutes did the Werkself take command over the game.  Renato Augusto’s shot from 25 meters and Bender’s attempt inside the area that only hit the post could have brought the winner for Leverkusen in an overall boring pre-season friendly.

The players mentioned after the match that they were exhausted and missed the needed freshness to put on a better display.  Robin Dutt made 6 changes after the break in comparison to only 2 against Salzburg.






Yelldell for Adler (46 min.)
Reinartz for Toprak (46 min.)
Kadlec for Oczipka (46 min.)
Bender for Rolfes (46 min.)
Barnetta for Sam (46 min.)
Schürrle for Jørgensen (46 min.)
Renato Augusto for Ballack (64 min.)
Derdiyok for Kießling (46 min.)
Mentizis for Balitsch (73 min.)
Bellarabi for Castro (73 min.)

Goals: none

Video Highlights:

The Werkself returns to Leverkusen today after a final morning training session.  Coach Robin Dutt has given the players Saturday and Sunday off.  Training resumes on Monday to prepare Wednesday’s friendly against Glasgow Rangers, a match that will probably be not shown live on TV 😦

Friendly: Bayer Leverkusen vs Red Bull Salzburg 4:0

Good initial 60 minutes of the Werkself in the first serious test game of the pre-season.  Salzburg was soft in defense and Leverkusen was quick in the transition from defense into attack.  Interesting was the use of a 4-1-4-1 in the second half, a formation that Robin Dutt used in Freiburg successfully.




Sam—————-Renato Augusto————–Schürrle


Rolfes for Ballack (46 min.)
Castro for Renato Augusto (46 min.)
Kiessling for Derdiyok (62 min.)
Ozcipka for Kadlec (67 min.)
M.Friedrich for Bender (67 min.)
Jørgensen for Schürrle (69 min.)
Da Costa for Reinartz (79 min.)
Mentizis for Toprak (79 min.)

1:0 Derdiyok (6 min.)
2:0 Ballack (32 min.)
3:0 Sam (38 min.)
4:0 Schürrle (57 min.)

Video Highlights:

Ballack seems very fit and slim, if he stays healthy we can expect way more from him than last season.  Schürrle showed a few good actions, but still needs to adjust to the movements of the players around him.  Toprak had a good presence on the pitch, looks like he will emerge as the leader of our defense, if no further signings are made.

Friendly: TSV Rosenheim vs Bayer Leverkusen 0:2

The Werkself had a difficult time against this amateur team from Bavaria, only after half-time did the goals arrive. The fatigue from physical demanding training sessions and the sunny weather lead to a rather poor display.






Toprak for Oczipka (46 min.)
Derdiyok for Sam (46 min.)
Ballack for Balitsch (46 min.)
Barnetta for Bellarabi (46 min.)
Mentizis for Schwaab (64 min.)

0:1 Bender (56 min.)
0:2 Kießling (75 min.)

Video Highlights:

Robin Dutt seems to prefer Gonzalo Castro in defensive midfield instead as a side-back or left midfielder.  In the two friendlies so far, he has only played in this position.

While the Swiss internationals Barnetta and Derdiyok already joined the team at the beginning of this week, the remaining internationals will meet up with their teammates today in the training camp in Zillertal (Austria).

Friendly: Bonn Allstars vs Bayer Leverkusen 1:9

The Werkself won it’s first test game by 9:1.  Kiessling and Bellarabi each scored a Hattrick.  According to Fans watching the match, the central-defense especially Stefan Reinartz was overrun several times.

Coach Robin Dutt said this week, that signing a new centre-back could happen.  However he wants to wait and evaluate the situation properly over the next test games and training sessions.

Bayer 04 used in this friendly the same tactical formation as last season under Heynckes:


da Costa—Reinartz—Friedrich—-Oczipka




Toprak for Reinartz (46 min.)
Schwaab for Friedrich (46 min.)
Balitsch for Ballack (46 min.)
Castro for Bender (46 min.)
Vollborn for Giefer (65 min.)
Zenga for R.Augusto (65 min.)
Mentizis for Kiessling (65 min.)

0:1 Kiessling (11 min.)
0:2 Bellarabi (18 min.)
0:3 Sam (24 min.)
0:4 Bellarabi (35 min.)
0:5 Kiessling (42 min./penalty)
0:6 Kiessling (51 min.)
0:7 Bellarabi (58 min.)
1:7 Aydogmus (61 min.)
1:8 Balitsch (82 min.)
1:9 Mentizis (88 min.)

Video Highlights:

Karim Bellarabi

Fabrice Vollborn, our third goalkeeper?

Robin Dutt

More pictures @

Da Costa now forms part of the Bundesliga squad, he will no longer be involved with the youth team like last season.  I see him playing a lot of minutes under Dutt.

The other Bayer Youngster Fabrice Vollborn has good chances of becoming the third goalkeeper. If so, with only 18 years, the son of Bayer Legend Rüdiger Vollborn (Uefa-Cup Winner 1988), would automatically make himself with the goal of the second team.

Pre-Season 2011/12

Robin Dutt takes command of Leverkusen

Robin Dutt welcomes most of the players this Sunday with the first training session.

Find below an overview on how our Pre-Season is laid out (all times: GMT+2):

  • Sunday 19th of June, 15:00: First training session (Internationals will enjoy two more weeks of holidays)
  • Saturday, 25th of June, 17.30: Friendly, Bonner All-Star Team vs Bayer 04
  • Wednesday, 29th of June, 18.30: Friendly, TSV 1860 Rosenheim vs Bayer 04
  • Thursday, 30th of June: Start of Training Camp in Zillertal, Austria (Internationals join)
  • Sunday, 3rd of July, 17:00: Friendly, Red Bull Salzburg vs Bayer 04
  • Thursday, 7th of July, 18.30: Friendly, Bayer 04 vs TSV 1860 München
  • Friday, 8th of July: End of Training Camp in Zillertal, Austria
  • Wednesday, 13th of July, 18.30: Friendly, Bayer 04 vs Glasgow Rangers
  • Sunday, 17th of July, 16:00: Friendly, Club Bruges vs Bayer 04
  • Saturday, 23rd of July, 15.30: Friendly, Bayer 04 vs KRC Genk

No test games are played in the BayArena because of the FIFA Women’s World Cup (26th of June to 17th of July).

Arturo Vidal will join the Werkself hopefully two weeks after Chile’s last game in the America Cup (1st of July to 24th of July).

Both games against RB Salzburg and 1860 Munich during the Training Camp in Austria will be shown live on TV. The last three friendlies we should also be able to follow.

The first official match is against Dynamo Dresden away in the 1st Round of the DFB Pokal (29th of July to 1st of August). Bundesliga starts on the weekend of the 5th of August to 7th of August. I will keep you posted on exact dates and opponents once they are announced by the DFB and DFL.

Domagoj Vida left us yesterday to Dinamo Zagreb >>

A surprising move which could lead to the signing of a centre-back, this transfer gossip is hot at the moment:

Will talented centre-back Dante join Bayer Leverkusen?

Other options:

Liverpool’s Agger to Bayer 04?
Centre-back Mathias Zanka Jørgensen to Leverkusen?
Will we see centre-back Andreas Bjelland soon in Leverkusen?