Mundilev Team

What started out to be a small hobby project is looking to grow in order to offer more content and features for the international (+German) fans of the Werkself.

To make this possible, we require passionated Bayer 04 fans who are prepared to contribute 3-4 posts on a monthly basis.  You will have your own WordPress Contributor Account and access to the internal Contributor board, where we discuss and organize the direction/posts of this blog.  Currently 3 editors are engaged on Mundilev:

Nationality: German
Bayer 04 infected since 1994 (Age: 11)
Twitter: @mundilev

Nationality: Argentinian
Bayer 04 infected since 2001 (Age: 6)
Twitter: @tai_leverkusen  (Spanish speaking account)

Nationalities: American, German (Peruvian/German heritage)
Bayer04 infected since 1988 (age 13)
Twitter: @schnixb04

Don’t be shy and step forward 😉 Comment below or write us an email to


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